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Personal and Team Effectiveness in Health and Social Care

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Daisy Kumari Shrestha


Dr. Siham El-Kafafi

Personal and Team Effectiveness in Health and Social Care

Disable Rehabilitation Center Nepal

Gokarna, Kathmandu, Nepal

This Disable Rehabilitation Center Nepal (DRCN) was established in 2014, at first started with 12 staff with 18 individuals released from Nepal Orthopedic Hospital and Dhulikhal Hospital. This association is non-government, and not revenue driven association, the points of this association is to give or supporting cripple individuals, mindful family home, medicinal services who experience genuine physical impair or are amazingly poor with the important life abilities for them to end up independent and in their recuperation to live well and effectively in their group. In this association a large portion of the establishing parts are individuals who had physical handicaps themselves. This association is enlisted with District Office of Government, Kathmandu and partnered with Social Welfare board.

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These Organization administration Includes privately based backing as of now this association is giving private offices to around 32 youngsters and 26 elderly individuals. 24 hours staff are accessible for giving administrations including more seasoned grown-up’s administration. Home based help conveyed administration by talented and qualified portable help staff. Business help that aid individuals into group based vocation this customized uncommonly planned for individuals who experience a physical incapacity. Professional and self-awareness benefits the association help the gathering workshops and outside projects to upgrade their life aptitudes with reasonable abilities and adapting procedures to expand freedom and getting equivalent open doors in the general public.

These organization associated with interdisciplinary team which is a group of people who are skilled in the use of various tools and ideas among whom there is associated organized division of labor around a standard drawback with every member applying their own tools, with continuous communication and re-examination of postulates in terms of the restrictions provided by the work of the other member and often with group responsibility for the final product.

In this organization I am a leader of an interdisciplinary team and responsible for rehabilitation of clients into their homes. Now, this organization wants to grow services as this organization has secured a new agreement from Ministry of Health. Currently we have 12 staff and we need 8 more staff to run this organization smoothly.

Whereas the employee qualities should have ability to communicate effectively and express themselves in a clear manner. He/ she also ready to work beyond the call of duty in order to meet goals or to solve problems, employee should be hard worker keep reminding oneself about the importance and significance of working and must be disciplined and punctual. Employee must have helping nature, honesty with work and follows the rules and policies of the company.

Leader will combat these challenges is to implement a strong worker onboarding program. Onboarding helps new hires benefits to the social and performance aspects of their jobs so that they will quickly become productive, tributary members of the organization. Onboarding is the method of helping new hires benefits to social and performance aspects of their new jobs quickly and smoothly.

To establish an organization we need stakeholder. A stakeholder is any person, groups or organization who are involved with the operation or outcomes of a program. That affected directly or indirectly by its activities and able to influence the program, who can assist with funding or who can benefit from its results (World Health 2014).

This association consult with inside stakeholder which serves to create our group. Furthermore, the colleague obligations regarding complete parts as laid out for undertaking. Without stakeholder we can’t run our association easily in light of the fact that we need plan to maintain any business or an association. Stakeholders are include with the venture straightforwardly or by implication. They ought to know how to performing their part and if any progressions in their work place they ought to have a lot of time to do it. The Ministry of Health under the legislature likewise financing for this association and all the monetary allowance are run from government. Teams can be classified according to their objectives. There are four common types of teams we found in an organization these are self-managed teams, problem-solving teams, cross-functional teams and virtual teams.

Here, in this association we have regulated toward oneself groups. As state by Lynne (2014), directed toward oneself groups have become quickly and they offer expense sparing and expanded benefit, if executed viably. However managed toward oneself groups are not worthwhile for each association. The best performing supervised toward oneself groups are found in numerous associations.

A Self-oversee group is a gathering of representatives that mindful and responsible for all the most part of delivering an item or conveying an administration. A supervise toward oneself group does steady errands, for example, arranging and planning the work process and dealing with all exercises of an association. Administered toward oneself groups have more noteworthy responsibility for assignments they perform and the finished item or administration they convey. This groups has a tendency to less exorbitant and more productivities that workers working inside an ordered structure in light of the fact that the group performs both specialized and administration errands. Indeed administer toward oneself groups are self-ruling they require pioneer to guide and run the association where the pioneer gives one on one supervision. The pioneer develops into a gathering supervisor whose part is making the move into group facilitator. I pick managed toward oneself groups, the first reason it advances client fulfillment and get input specifically. A second reason it advances representative fulfillment while colleagues tackle extra parts and obligations. These groups’ permits associations to be more proactive, relegate obligation to all parts of the gathering. They joint obligation permits every part to feel completely put resources into the achievement of the venture. This makes a feeling of possession for each one colleague which rouse the group to work harder to see the venture succeed. They contribute more of a chance and assets outside of the group gathering to break down diverse activities and exploration potential thoughts and expands the feeling of association among the colleagues. They cooperate permitting everyone to concentrate on his own obligations and trust to alternate parts to convey their obligations.

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As a leader I am able to deliberately create challenging result by enlisting the help of others. Leader should have intimate knowledge and know about their strengths and weaknesses including capabilities and limitation. Leader must be able to direct oneself effectively and powerfully. He /she should know how to get things done and how to organize tasks and how to avoid procrastination. You should make decision quickly when necessary. Leaders don’t lead by telling people what they have to do. Leader should understand social networks and key influence.

As I can say that, I get chance to learn as a leader, I can inspire and motivate my team to tremendous effect by communication a vision in a clear, straight forward way.

I used behavioral theories to make effective teams and effectives leadership. (Cherry 2010) Behavioral theory of leadership are based upon the belief that great leaders are made, not born. Rooted in behaviorism, this leadership theory focuses on the actions of leaders, not on mental qualities or internal states. According to this theory, people can learn to become leaders through teaching and observation. According to Lewin’s styles we can see the democratic leader in this organization. In the democratic style, the leader involves the people in the decision making, although the process for the final decision may vary from the leader having the final say to them facilitating consensus in the group.

To make team effectiveness objectives of organization should be related with task. Team member should be free of stress mentally wellbeing which helps to growth and development of the team member. Team viability is the likelihood that a team will continue to work together and function effectively. If an organizational achieve incredible result we can ensure that the team is effectiveness. All employee are encouraged to work for the common goal of the organization. They provided with a great deal of feedback regarding their performance. To make more effective the right people in the right roles will be more productive. Always avoid poor decision which may cause stress and conflict within a team.

Leading a team into change the pioneer required different qualities, for example, he ought to have convincing conduct who can show contentions influentially to help encourage change. For authoritative profit the greater part of the conceivable results must be investigates. A decent pioneer takes the time to ask numerous inquiries as could be expected under the circumstances and there may be inquiries concerning how the change will influence the fate of an association. A decent pioneer has capacity to handle those issues by staying certain all through the change process. A decent pioneer has the nature of compelling correspondence expertise even in some time recently, amid and after change process. A decent pioneer needs adhere to the rules of progress and see it through as arranged. Some change may oblige releasing workers, or rolling out improvements to employment works that a few representatives dislike. Be that as it may if the pioneer has the certainty that the progressions are for the benefit of the association, then he/ she must immovable in his execution of those progressions.

For the team improvement performance tool leader can monitor and assessing the employee self-performance. This assessment process involves each team member, employee evaluating his or her own contribution to the team’s activities. The assessments have strong motivational value, because the individual only knows his or her level of commitment and effort invested. Leader can do the peer assessment which is designed to encourage feedback among the team members. Leader can ask to the patient about their performance and we can get feedback from the patient.


This organization offers the most clearing rehabilitation mind, provided holistic care to the physical disabilities people not only in residence care also provided the community based treatment to restore their health and help to reestablished there life as similar to other people. I believe that the eventual outcome of recovery is help when the recovery pioneer takes a part and collaborates with recovery group parts. Exactly when the get-togethers setting changes, destinations change and its makes a need to recover the social events parts structures and interpersonal associations change in the more noteworthy affiliations mission or the offers of stakeholders that the get-together serves can conform desires and objectives.


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