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Are Nursing Homes Beneficial?

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Cameron Bond 

Specific goal: To persuade families why nursing homes are beneficial


Question: Why do you think nursing homes beneficial?[PC2]

Today what I will be talking about is:

  1. What are nursing homes?
  2. What are the benefits of nursing homes?
  3. How can families pay for their loved ones nursing home stay?[PC3]

Thesis Statement: [PC4]Nursing homes put more emphasis on rehabilitating residents and getting them back into the community. Nevertheless, there is a growing tendency to make some Nursing Home more homelike.


What are nursing homes?

According to Medline Plus, a nursing home is a place for people who don’t need to be in a hospital but can’t be cared for at home. Most nursing homes have nursing aides and skilled nurses on hand 24 hours a day.[PC5]

Some nursing homes are set up like a hospital. The staff provides medical care, as well as physical, speech and occupational therapy. There might be a nurses’ station on each floor. Other nursing homes try to be more like home. They try to have a neighborhood feel. Often, they don’t have a fixed day-to-day schedule, and kitchens [PC6]might be open to residents. Staff members are encouraged to develop relationships with residents.

Some nursing homes have special care units for people with serious memory problems such as Alzheimer’s disease. Some will let couples live together. Nursing homes are not only for the elderly, but for anyone who requires 24-hour care.

What are the benefits of nursing homes?

Assistance with daily task

Nursing homes help residents with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, drinking, using the restroom, and administering medicine.[PC7]

Typical daily task can become increasingly difficult with old age.[PC8]

Social environment

Residing in a nursing home facility provides seniors with a built-in social network of peers.[PC9]

a) Senior residents can enjoy the company of others who are living in the same facility and share their experiences.

Many facilities offer organized social events open for participation for all residents.

Many senior citizens suffer from depression due to feeling of isolation from living alone and not having access to social outlets.

House keeping

The nursing home staff will take care of laundry and general cleaning in their rooms.

Food service

Nursing facilities provide all meals and snacks

Many facilities offer various meal plans to cater to different taste and dietary requirements


The elderly are frequently targets of physical, emotional and financial abuse.

Living in a nursing home facility offers seniors a protected environment to help insulate them from possible abuse and danger

Nursing homes offer greater levels of security and protection than seniors who are living alone or un-supervised

Access to resources

While living in a nursing home, residents can enjoy easy access to whatever resources they might need

a) The nursing home staff will help residents find the information they need quickly and efficiently.

Specialized health care

Skilled nursing facilities are staffed by registered nurses and they have the ability to provide proper care to seniors with serious health conditions.

How can families pay for their loved ones Nursing homes stay?[PC10]

It is said on the national institute on aging website that, It’s important to check with Medicare, Medicaid, and any private insurance provider you must find out their current rules about covering the costs of long-term care. You can pay for nursing home care in several ways.

Medicare is for someone who needs special care, Medicare, a Federal program, will cover part of the cost in a skilled nursing home approved by Medicare. Check with Medicare for details.

Medicaidis a State/Federal program that provides health benefits to some people with low incomes. Contact your county family services department to see if you qualify.

Private pay is when some people pay for long-term care with their own savings for as long as possible. When that is no longer possible, they may apply for help from Medicaid. If you think you may need to apply for Medicaid at some point, make sure the nursing home you’re interested in accepts Medicaid payments. Not all do.

Long-term care insurance is when some people buy private long-term care insurance. It can pay part of the costs for a nursing home or other long-term care for the length of time stated in your policy. This type of insurance is sold by many different companies and benefits vary widely. Look carefully at several policies before making a choice.

Conclusion[PC11]: Nursing homes are an amazing way to make sure that your loved ones are being cared for and getting the service they deserve. As I stated before, nursing homes put more emphasis on rehabilitating residents and getting them back into the community and your loved ones can feel at home. Today I talked to you about what is a nursing home, what are the benefits of a nursing home, and how could you pay for your love ones stay at the nursing home. As an employee at a nursing home your family members will   be very well taken care of and live a normal life as if they were in their own home.[PC12]

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