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Developing Community Connections for Referrals

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Developing Community Connections for Referrals 


When analyzing and researching the changing community and how to best connect with the community of Sunny Beach to increase referrals from the hospital, according to an article by CMX. (2017) 80% of customer’s decisions in supporting communities and referring new clients to an organization or business is through a person’s personal account and Although more than 83% of patients were happy with the service they received, stated they will refer our products or service, only 29% of clients  exactly will do. Sunny Beach can attract more referrals by setting up a program to help reconstruct the business and help improve the value of future clients in many ways. 

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Sunny Beach can organize a competition in the community with desirable rewards to help spread the word and encourage referrals. “Secondly”, you can create a conversation on social media by sharing experiences and showering current clients with gifts and products that can be worn, and seen by everyone. The third way is by creating a website page where you can communicate with other people to exchange information, give advice, and post a current event and to offer an incentive to every client that joins and get other people to sign up by offering a reward card. You can also use personalize experience and tell future clients how the organization has impacted and made your life better. “Lastly”, we must give the community the tools needed to refer others such as referral applications and reward streams, which is a real time dashboard that contributed to the overall patient satisfaction.   

Updated facility and new therapy services

Sunny Beach can positively impact patients experience in three ways, which includes increasing engagement in patient care and building trust amongst patient and doctor. “According”, to NRC Health. (2017). Georgia Health Sciences Medical Center applied changes to their policy to increase patient and family relations, which reduced the amount of drug errors from 62 percent  to 40 percent and saw a decline in the length of hospital stay by 50 percent, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

The second way to impact an updated facility and new therapy service is to increase the organization profits through patient’s experiences measured by a metric used by insurance companies to assess the quality of care that Sunny Beach will provide and change the way the insurance organizations structure contractual agreement although reimbursement will play a major role in Sunny Beach the value is established when improving patient experience to gain patient loyalty. The last impact is improving Sunny Beach standing because of the growing competition among physicians and online use for communication can have a damaging or optimistic impact on patient retention.  

“When”, it comes to improving the patient experience the timeliness of patient reported data is essential. Traditional ways of collecting information is unhelpful but collecting information in real-time offers the most benefits because information will be delivered to Sunny Beach within 24-72 of receipt. With the use of real-time data Sunny Beach act on patient opinions with better responses, increase physician interaction in patient care and allowing improvements of the current practices, this will also allow Sunny Beach to gain an insight on trends, challenges to prioritize our efforts to improve the patient experience and quality of care.

In healthcare there is a link between patient experience and the hospital reputation, which is everything because it is tied to hospital reimbursement. The hospital reputation is important because a positive patient experience produces better outcomes and patients are likely to return for further services, Value Based Purchasing has linked Medicare reimbursement to HCAHPS and impact the hospital reputation.

The connection with the patient is at its strongest when measured for the first time and reputation is measured for the second time or greater than 6 months.  This interval link shows the quality of the patient experience being administered in the hospital today will be linked to the organization reputation in 6 months.

Build rapport within Sunny Beach and surrounding communities

I have found 7 ways that Sunny Beach can help build a rapport to develop a relationship with current patients and create a starting point with new patients. The first way is breaking the ice by striking up a conversation or complimenting them on their hair, jewelry, clothes, and topics of interest or love of music or hobbies. You can also ask questions about the weather, news, or sports this is done to build trust and provide good quality care. “Secondly”, be professional and personal “however”, at the same time set boundaries while maintaining professionalism. It is ok to share your name, hobbies, why you choose your career path and length of employment. It is not ok to share your address, health issues personal or problems.

You should never fight fire with fire it’s important to be patient especially when dealing with a patient that is difficult, but you must develop soft skills to help deal with a patient that is not cooperating. Maintain good listening skills to help learn about your patient personal lives this not only build a rapport with the patient but help detect signs of pain or issues. “When”, listening to the patient it’s important to keep eye contact, adjust your body, maintain a good posture, nod your head to show the speaker you are listening, pay attention and repeat back to the patient what was said and only asked question that was related to the conversation. The fifth way is to be polite, respectful and thoughtful in manner, dress according and lastly be positive when dealing with patients. (Healthcare Care Associates & Community Care, 2018)

Plan for communicating

When linking Sunny Manor to the residents of Sunny Beach through digital marketing the first step to take is being familiar with the importance of social media and how it can help to influence the community benefits programs and patient engagement before the arrival of the internet. Sunny Manor can use social media to connect and offer assistance to patients, families of Sunny Beach and provide different way to communicate so that the patient may feel relaxed and less clinical.  Offering wellness programs, explaining services provided by the hospital and answering questions via mobile devices or digital media to increase their point of care to the patient.

Sunny Manor can make comments on social media network, post photos this can show the strength of the staff through digital media, it is also vitally important to educate the hospital employees about HIPAA and policies on the use of social media. Sharing special moments allows staff to put a face with a name. Healthcare workers have wealth of knowledge and skills that can be shared and used to connect with the community. Digital settings allows for the doctor to expose their character, explain procedures and answer questions, this will help patient and family member to be at ease and connect with the doctor to gain trust this can be a benefit to the organization.

Sunny Manor can create a connection with the community because patient look online for information about their health or to find a healthcare provider this is the first place people go to when dealing with health issues. We must create communities to bring people together online where people feel open to inviting others into their world. Patient can intermingle with Sunny Manor and others patients with similar experiences this will allow hospital to connect on a different level. The next area of focus is feedback which permits the hospital to listen and participate in an active online conversation where information is gained this allows the hospital to provide knowledge to the community before a situation occurs, some organizations invite patients to join the group, create advisory broads, workshops to talk about a health care topic or issue.

“When”, communicating with the community, Sunny Manor should grant access to social media this shows a sign of friendliness and positive group discussion or chats, and you stand a chance to gain new patients that will support the hospital even voicing support for charity or new projects. Policies must be established to ensure that the hospital integrate social media messaging to make sure all employees are following the same guidelines while supporting the hospital mission.

Social Media is an effective tool for communication but when legal issues occur policies needs to be in place to avoid legal implications such as HIPAA which protect the patient’s right to privacy associated with their health information. HIPAA and state laws forbids healthcare workers from disclosing information including where the patient received care without consent.  Hospital must integrate patient privacy and parameters within their social media policies to allow communication with patients and to maintain an effective online relationship.

“When”, defining the organization success we must focus on the primary goal of social media which is return on investment. Social media is being used to connect, provide information, strategically plan, objectives, set goals and as a performance metrics.  The greatest advantage of social media is the connection with patients during and after a hospital visit this can allow patients questions to be answered in real-time. 

 Establishing a public relations department that can respond to patients post or complaints on social media gives the organization a second chance to recover or provide response to the patients or family member’s offline. “Lastly”, if a disaster social media can be a valuable tool to provide updated information to the community and employees about services being offered, location of blood drives and scheduled buses for staff. (Trustee Archives, 2015)

Ongoing research staying ahead of the competition

According to an article by Hydroworx, (2018). Sunny Beach can stay ahead of the competition and connect with the community primarily by offering exceptional service, when sunny manor starts it physical therapy business they will need to reach out to the elderly population this can be achieved by a robust web presents that will help track current trends and best practices in healthcare and physical therapy clinic marketing. Sunny Beach can use 5 strategies to help grow their physical therapy business while monitoring their existing services and patients.

  1. Offer services that are not available at other places such as range of motion exercises, weight control and pools for hydrotherapy.
  2. You can incorporate a medical appointment system to schedule appointments through the website. Patients can utilize youtube a channel to see therapies offered and get explanation to common questions that are of concern to them.
  3. Staying on top of new equipment and services that matches the needs of patients and community. 
  4. Create ways for patients to verbalize satisfaction, this can be done by providing incentives giving a discount, offering a free session when patients leave a review or refer other clients. 
  5. Establish trust by providing useful information and services that are related to the patient needs.

Healthcare is driven by new demographic model in partnership with the public and private sector to develop changes in healthcare financing and delivery. New market contributors such as telecommunication, technology, health, and wellness are increasing and redesigning healthcare. This shared partnership produce long-term cost saving for patients when demographics are eaten up health resources. 

Effective partnerships are needed amongst the public/private sector to meet demand for more healthcare options and as technology and patient needs change, encouraging partnerships will cut through orthodox ways of thinking.

As the population rise and with the advancement in technical tools such as mobile health is leading towards promoting wellness, preventing disease and aid in patient centered care providers, private payers and government agencies find these tools exciting because of the accuracy in foreseeing patient behavior and identifying illnesses or diseases because of these demographic shifts different part of the world will be affected. (PWC Global. 2017-2018)

Research design model

Change or idea: Sunny Manor to create a hand off communication with the community hospital to discuss patient condition and treatment plan for a patient admitted to Sunny Manor from the hospital.

Objective (PDSA) Cycle: Converse with the patient’s nurse/social worker or case manager involved in the patient care who has knowledge about the patient’s needs, condition, treatment plan

Plan: Should include the questions you want to ask for hand off communication such as the patient’s name, age, diagnosis, and condition of the patient, medication, vital signs and treatment plan

A plan must be developed within 24 hours to collect the data Sunny Manor nursing director or admission nurse will collect the responses to the questions and meet 24 hours after the transfer to assess to see if the handover communication took place, was all the information obtained to care for the patient and what information was not collected.

Do: Carrying out the plan: The admission nurse from Sunny Manor should contact the hospital to discuss any problems or anything that was observed with the resident or patient while in their care

Study: Investigate the Data collected from the hospital by discussing the answers to the question in the plan, Review what was learned and if Sunny Manor had any problems contacting the floor or charge nurse.

Act: Changes to be made includes Sunny Manor continuing trail testing for the next 10 admissions from the hospital to see how the design is working in varies circumstances such as at night, weekends and during change in a shift.

Recommending models or tools to evaluate effectiveness

Quality tools are needed and used to evaluate the effectiveness of the development team’s efforts on an ongoing basis to assess problems and safety in the hospital or clinic. There are several tools that can be used to focus on errors, rising cost, pretesting, and to change the way doctor’s practice. Most hospital, Skilled Nursing Facilities or personal care homes use more than one quality improvement tools to include:

Root-cause analysis are used to evaluate errors or incidents and distinguish between active and underlying errors and to recognize needed changes to policies and procedures.  

Six Sigmas is used to reduce deficiencies, operating cost and develop outcomes in the hospital, Skilled Nursing Facility or personal care home. This is a process is used to distinguish between root of discrepancy, and the process used to measure the outcome.

Plan-Do-Study-Act are used mostly by hospital and other healthcare entities for analyzing and implementing changes as needed

Failure modes and effects analysis are used for near miss events, and to improve and maintain the quality of healthcare.

Health failure modes and effects analysis are used to provide the hospital with more detail analysis of a smaller or larger processes by resulting in detailed recommendations. (Hughes, Rhonda. G, N.D)


In my opinion marketing research should be the initial step in the advertising and marketing process, after considering products and services. Hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and medical homes conduct marketing research to obtain information to see how to make improvements, provide the best quality of care and services to people in the community. Marketing research can also be used for a problem solving, gaining information about the competition and to determine the needs and wants of the patients.  Marketers use data to develop different marketing strategies that are detailed to the hospital needs and some hospitals continue to be successful because of implementing surveys and other types of marketing research to remain successful.



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