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Defining Health And Wellness Health And Social Care Essay

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In my essay I will discuss how I will cater for my health and wellness ideologies, my definition of health and describe my beliefs about what health is. I will discuss three aspects of the dimensions of health and the factors which could affect my health, what determinants influence my health using the dimensions of health model and explain how I will use that model to assist in my goal towards achieving my optimal health wellness.

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Being healthy and maintaining wellness means having a body that is in good shape to allow my ideologies of my life suited to the development of an excellent well-being through relationships the community in which I live. My wellness involves giving good care to my physical self, using my mind constructively, expressing my emotions effectively, being creatively involved with those around you, and being concerned about your physical, psychological and spiritual environment. Wellness means more than not being sick; it means taking steps to prevent illness and to lead a richer, more balanced, and more satisfying life. The physical dimension of wellness deals with the functional operation of the body and involves health related components of physical fitness.

The people that surround me and my situational environment in its entirety assist me in making sound decisions in relation to my health. My wellness on the other hand I define as my choice to be responsible for the quality and value of for my life. l make conscious decisions to achieve a healthy lifestyle. I choose to make these conscious decisions by a learned throughout my life for which I value today. My mind-set is that I have this powerful tool to use and a predisposition which is in place to lead a satisfying traditional health and wellness. A health & wellness modelled today by others within my society. Health and wellness was once characterised as the absence of disability or any form of disease. This is a medical definition or a medical model. However this suggests and ultimately promotes that any person who has a disability cannot at all achieve wellness. However I believe I can achieve wellness if I would opt to function responsibly for improving myself. I am looking at me as the whole, for my health and wellness, refers to the interconnection my body, mind and soul.

My engagement in the form of physical activity, exercise, recreation, physical health and wellness also considers one’s possible involvement with drug abuse, tobacco usage, and alcohol addiction. Another dimension addresses good mental and emotional health in performing one’s daily and specialized activities. This includes continually feeding my mental faculty to acquire more knowledge.

Task two

I believe health is a unified system of personal performance that is concerned with making the most of the potential to maintain a better health and wellness. This potential requires me to sustain a range of balances and a focused track of ideologies within my environment in which I need to function to maintain homeostasis. Here I will discuss using the dimensions of health model key factors that affect my health.

I identify with Edlin and Golantry’s health wellness model, holistic health. Using my surroundings, my environment that I live in to maintain my boundaries within my lifestyle and objects and people that surround me to help make me complete with a prospective health wellness. By involving a holistic approach with faith and hope I incorporate my moral beliefs, a moral grounding “my learned” from my upbringing. I use this as a guide to perform tasks on my mental stability, a feel good approach to wellness.

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I am emotional and sensitive towards others. My emotional approach I use to support my partner and everyone that crosses my path that are in need of help. Whereas my partner supports what I need to maintain in the practical sense of issues that surround my health and wellness, my physical support. The positive reasoning is that I feel good when those I care about feel good and I have made a difference in their lives. My partner is my rock, my soul mate a stable being in my life that I need to keep me grounded and on task for life’s events that may arise such as undue stressors. Thus maintaining stability mentally I can function on other areas where strength is needed to maintain health & wellness within myself as a living soul physically. Without mental stability I feel it would hinder my ability to function on all other levels to maintain an overall stable health wellness.

My social stance in the community I believe makes me a holistic being, using the holistic social approach I utilise people from other cultures and genders to meet a standard of need for care and understanding of myself. Understanding my needs and necessities in life leaves no one left out and felling isolated. I am active and expressive in my thoughts spiritually I make my feelings and thoughts obvious and where I don’t understand I ask, therefore putting these feelings into thoughts and becoming spiritually aware of my beliefs helps me understand. Becoming more of a helper and trusting within a human care relationship. Encompassing my spirit for strength in times of guidance the same guidance I can use to help maintain my health wellness using expressive, positive and negative feelings within a supportive, protective, and counteractive mental, physical, societal, and spiritual environment.

My faith helps me to identify my purpose in life; helps me to learn how to experience love, joy, peace and fulfillment. The ability to laugh, to enjoy life, to adjust to change, to cope with stress, and to maintain intimate relationships are examples of the emotional dimension of wellness. My family, my pets, my friends keeps me laughing and they bring so much joy to my life. I am maintaining the weight that I want to me, I am eating an even more balanced diet and I am abstaining from any and everything that is harmful to my body and I am definitely staying physically active. In my life I have always had ways to deal with the stress of this life with the help of God, my family, my church family, my friends and even when there is no one around just sitting there holding my cat seems to take away some of my anxiety. The environmental dimension of wellness deals with preservation of natural resources as well as protection of plant and animal wildlife. I am very satisfied with my current lifestyle choice. You have to laugh to keep from crying is so true. Every day you are bombard with so much from this world and if you do not have an outlet or a way to deal with stress, this world can literally drive you crazy. Well I have no problems in that area, being that I have to study everyday since I am in college. Spiritual dimension of wellness involves the development of one”tms inner self and one”tms soul. Much of my life will be spent at work when I do get out into my career field and I will have to maintain a balance between work time and leisure time. You know that saying “A mind is a terrible thing to waste” and if you don”tmt use your mind it will atrophy. I am taking steps to increase my flexibility level but incorporating it into to my morning devotion and my evening devotion and before and after I do any work in my yard, before and after I go walking or jogging with my family and my dog. And this is where the physical, emotional, social, intellectual spiritual dimension of wellness will help me to deal with the stress of working in the health care field.


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