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Care and Support of Vulnerable Individuals and Groups

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The vulnerable group includes a group of man, woman or child who are suffering from mental disorder due to homelessness, environmental disaster, different types of violence and discrimination. Bad condition of the economic situation is also included here because due to this person can suffer from vulnerability. Persons or a group of person who suffers from the vulnerable condition is often physically unfit because mental health is correlated with physical health. This essay is discussed about the caring system of the vulnerable condition. Their way of remedies, factors affecting people towards vulnerable conditions, reducing strategies and the identification of symptoms all are represented here. Therefore from this essay, the overall condition of vulnerability and their remedies are introduced by the author.

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Vulnerable means a condition which is occurred due to age, homelessness, and neglected, abused and physical disabilities people are treated and give them care. Vulnerability means the situation which is suffered by a person or a group of person in a bad condition by which a mental disorder can occur. The bad situation can arise due to feeling alone, neglected, abused or poverty. This situation is happened basically due to the isolation of the people. Persons and people can become very much stuck due to insecure feelings (Brandt et al. 2014).

People or group who are suffered from the vulnerable condition is detected in some ways. Actually, they are not identified by normal watching. They have some symptoms which can help to detect out the vulnerable groups. People who are suffering from poverty and have a lack of food and shelter are generally included in this section. Insufficient clothes and the in hygienic environment is one of the important reasons for suffering people in vulnerability. Women and children who generally work for the cleansing purpose of human excreta are also suffered from this situation. Generally people from minority areas and black suffer from various types of discrimination. They don’t have enough money for education, food, medicine, and clothes and therefore they suffer from discrimination from the healthy and wealthy people of the society. This type of vulnerability is considered as the ethnicity problem. Lack of money tends them not to look after about their health and other essentials (Larkin, 2009).

According to the NICE guideline it is said that the care and the support which is provided to the patients are defiantly as per their requirements and needs. Care must be given as per the circumstances. They also said about the good health and the way of keeping healthy. They also configured about the social health care and awareness about the healthcare (nice.org.uk, 2018)

Mental Capacity Act, 2005 is created to help the young generation who are not able to take decisions. This act is basically a legal support for that kind of people. It maintains some principles. According to the act it is said that persons who are unable to take decision or taking decision is not helpful for them are defiantly under this act. Sometimes the person who are not capable for control herself or himself then this type of laws are implemented. This act also said about the regulation which is based on the freedom of human beings (legislation.gov.uk, 2018).

According to the NHS guidelines, they support the after hospital care. After hospital care is the most important thing which is required to support the sick person. They provide various charitable services. Home care service and various social services will be providing by them (nhs.uk, 2018)

There exists some group of people who are aged and physically unfit. They do not have any near ones to look after about them. These types of people are also included in the vulnerability group. Various chronic diseases attack a certain group of people. Various types of myths are present into the society and society considered many diseases as per the communicable diseases. The problem is that people who are suffering from such type of diseases are ignored and neglected from society.

People who are abused from various accidents are also neglected by society. Therefore these are the conditions by which people can make sure that vulnerable groups have belonged from such type of area (Alizadeh et al. 2018).

Various factors are present which influenced a certain amount of people towards the vulnerability. The factors which are affecting society to insist people towards the vulnerability are as follows:

  1. Poverty is one of the main reasons which tend people to the vulnerability group. This type of factors occurred due to the economic discrimination over education, money and other social essentials. The vulnerability group created due to poverty is generally found in the developing countries and the flooded or natural disaster full area. Many people fulfill the basic needs of their life by doing cultivation in rural areas. They do not have enough money to fulfill the needs of their life very comfortably.
  2. Livelihood is another factor of vulnerability because there exist various kinds of people who do not maintain their life in a healthy way. The urban areas poor people are living in an area which is not perfect for normal living condition and definitely unhealthy. Therefore this is one main reason to make people in vulnerable group members.
  3. Various types of cultural beliefs are present here. In the group of minor people, there is no presence of education, therefore, the beliefs in various superstitions and that is why some of them are neglected from society.
  4. Inequality is one of the main reasons for suffering the people in vulnerability. Inequality is present everywhere in society. Sex, gender, profession, education wall are the factors where discrimination is present.
  5. Female and male discrimination is one of the main factors in our society. Women are always suffered from various discrimination then some of them are included in the vulnerable condition (Schneiderbauer et al. 2016).
  6. Homelessness is an important reason for suffering the vulnerable condition. People who do not have basic needs of life are definitely suffering from various vulnerabilities.
  7. People who are abused from physical torture are also suffered from this group of people. Mental health condition is gradually decreased.
  8. Physically unfit people are also suffering from the vulnerable condition. Basically, aged man and women who are not physically fit are suffering from this problem (Heaslip and Ryden, 2013).

Therefore it is seen that various factors are present in the area of vulnerability influencing factors.

The vulnerability occurs due to various reason related to the physical condition, socio-economic condition, and environmental factors. However, there exist various prevention methods which are maintained by the various organizations to reducing the vulnerability. The reducing factors are as follows:

  1. There exist various types of a condition which help to reduce the vulnerability from the society. People who are from minority area are suffering from the various types of abuse effects. Some parents are addicted by drugs and the alcohol these type of parent’s abuse their child .b their vote parents have to be a concern to keep a healthy environment into the house, so that the mind of children becomes happy and tension free (El-Rashidy and Grant-Muller, 2014).
  2. Aged people who are suffering from various chronic diseases, have to keep very much care. Family members usually ignore these types of people and that is such a condition happens. Family support and love are very much essential for isolated people. Therefore people who include the vulnerable group and the main reason is isolation and ignored by family members are very much required the presence of family members.
  3. Different diseases are considered as the communicable disease. People have to aware of some facts and judged them after telling it a communicable disease. Their fore people don’t ignore sick people. They have to help them and make sure that they get enough treatment.
  4. People who are homeless are suffered from also invulnerability. Therefore, family members and the government have to be arranged for their basic needs, so that they cannot suffer from the diseases (Guettaia et al. 2017).

There exist various types of an act which are maintained the rules and regulation against the abusing of children, young people, and the adult. Children are mostly hampered by the abusing and discrimination. Therefore the acts over children discrimination and abusing are very much strong. Children abusing are divided into different parts. In children abusing their includes sexual abusing, physically abusing, and emotional abusing and neglected. The children act 1998 and the children act 2004 are mainly created against various types of discrimination over children and young people (Penhale and Parker, 2008). The care act 2004 is also built for the caring of the children and naked protest against the many types of abusing factors. There exist various different laws which are against discrimination and abuse factors. The Mental Capacity Act 2005, the Human Right Act 1998, Act over Deprivation of Liberty Safeguarding Violence Crime Act 2004 and the Victim Act 2004 all are very much helpful to the people who are from a vulnerable situation. Therefore society has to be very much concern about such kind of people and have to help them to reduce the situation (Binita et al. 2015).

Multi-agency working is a type of working environment where a team is a work together against a particular problem. Here in this essay, the vulnerable people are suffering from various challenges to society. Therefore the various multi-agency working team has to be helping them and decrease the abusing situation of the people. There exist various types of paths which are adopted by the multi-agency working team. One of the most important planning procedure, by which a team can overcome the problem easily. There exist six key principal which helps the team to reduce the problem in their society. The key parameters are empowerment, proportionality, prevention, protection, partnership, accountability (Mylevaganam and Ray, 2016).

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Empowerment is the parameter by which people can influence to keep them happy and healthy. They are also influenced to keep their own decision and think about their future. Proportionality means that they should aware people not to keep any types of discrimination in society. Prevention is taken because the bad situation can occur at any time. Therefore awareness very much important before occurs any types of bad situation. Protection gives them self-confidence so that they can feel very much comfortable and safe. This gives them a mental satisfaction. The partnership is one of the best conditions when they cannot feel isolated. The community is helpful to reduce any types of problems without any types of fear. Accountability keeps people in the safeguarding situation (Greenfields et al. 2012)

Human trafficking is one of the most important and increasing attention incidents in the world. Women, men and girl child all suffer from this types of trafficking. Forced sex workers, forced labor and domestic abuse victims and any types of forced workers are under this section. Nowadays there exist various types of human trafficking methods. All men, women, and children all suffer from this situation. Force labor is from different areas like agriculture, Factories, various miles and so on. Cleansing and hospitality workers are also the victims of human trafficking.

Domestic abuse is related to the abusing factors which are related to the harassment from near the family members (Obura et al. 2016). Therefore it is seen that girls child are often sexually abused by the family members and that is why they feel insecure and isolated. Domestic abuse is not only their sexual abusing but it also from harassment physical torture and neglect. However the people who are from the ground of sexual abasement are feeling isolated and depressed and that is why they are included in the vulnerability group. Women are always abused by men in no educational areas or community. Therefore the people who are from a healthy environment and have a healthy mentality have to help people who are suffering from domestic violence.

Homelessness is one of the most important factors which is affecting the people who are already going towards the vulnerability. Homelessness happens when people are not economically strong. People who are affected by some environmental phenomena are also suffering in this condition because they lost everything in this natural disaster. Old people are also suffering from this situation because they are often neglected by the family members and all. Physically unhealthy people are also abused and make them homelessness. Moreover, homelessness makes people isolated and very much depressed. Therefore people who are suffering from homelessness are also suffered from bad mental condition and anxiety (Majolagbe et al. 2016).

Analyzing the whole topic it is concluded that the vulnerability is occurred due to the isolation situation and the homelessness. Environmental disaster, poverty, and economic degradation are also the reason for the vulnerability. The group or a person when suffered from this type of situation are often getting physically unfit. Caring about this type of people is done by giving them company and understands their situation. Therefore it is said that the people who are in this type of bad condition are immediately required the solution and decreased the problems related to the vulnerability.


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