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Annotated Bibliography on Developing Longevity for Geriatric People

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Health And Social Care
Wordcount: 2076 words Published: 8th Feb 2020

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ARTICLE 1 –Some Principles of Longevity for the Elderly(By Epoch Times Staff, 2013)

     This newspaper article gives the idea regarding to maintain the continuity of healthy lifestyle among elderly people. There are certain factors that could affect the health status of old age

people, like a healthy breakfast and the proper 70 percent of all meals in 3 times of day is necessary for to maintain good health and it also helps in disease prevention as well as it improve the immunity. For example: a longevity specialist Cao yanjian give his views that it is must for old age people to maintain his digestive process. If elderly person is feel uneasy after taking any food especially lesser amount of cold food then the ginger and honey is best remedy to cope up with this situation. In the starting phase of fever or cold ginger soup is highly recommended and if condition is not in hands in later stages then doctor’s advice is necessary.

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     A conscious mind and a lighthearted person had slowdown the brain’s aging process. The feelings and the emotions are the major cause of illness. So older people had advised to follow the activities like to play indoor and outdoor games and maintain sleeping hours as well as take care about seasonal changes and wear the clothes according to external environment, this could  promote health status and wellness. This could also help to reduce worries and anxiety.

  • The article shows the positive aspect of elder people’s life and gives a positive view on the importance of the health status of older people. There is no any stereotypical thing.  For example: It explains about some method or ways to live healthier life like, Use of ginger or honey in minor ailments.
  • The headline of article and the picture had showed greater impact to live a healthy long life without any tensions or illness. Photograph shows that people would able live a happy life in any age if their health status is good. Enjoyment at every stage of life considered a biggest part of life.
  • The writing text in this article improves the understanding level about health conditions among seniors. This enhances the knowledge level about physical and mental health status among elderly people.it gives the broader concept to maintain internal and external well- being. The idea presented in the article is very supportive towards the health status of old age people.
  • The health status of elderly people is issue of concern and there is need to discuss this into groups, or analyze the major problems regarding old age health and gives the possible outcomes to solve these problems.

ARTICLE 2.Loneliness Doesn’t Drive Seniors to see more Doctors(BY REUTERS, 2018)

     This article shows the image of effect of social relationship on health status of older people. In this no. of experts give their opinion on importance of social relationship. Dr. Guohua Li explains that good interpersonal relationship or greater social support had no. of benefits for health. Ben Lennox Kail express his views that the person who had less social connections and lack of family support have more chances to develop mental illness rather than person  who had a strong social connections. Poor mental state leads to poor physical health status, and responsible for hospitalization. Christina Matz said that the stronger relationship decreases the health care utilization.

  • This article indicates the importance of positive social bonding’s among elderly peoples. It mainly focus on the relationship of individual with their society and family members, because if a person had adequate support from society and family members there are less chances of anxiety and loneliness and person become more healthy. For example: if a person live in a family and he had grandchildren and he is always busy to do some activities with them like playing ,or teaching the lessons of life , so he forget about his own age, or we can say aging doesn’t affect him because they live a life with enjoyment and had no any worry.
  • The headline of article explains that if people have no social connections or he is alone and he needs doctor or he is unhealthy. It affects his mental status but doesn’t mean that he always needs a physician. As shown in picture social interactions gives the reason for smile, because society is involved in his good or bad and also help in hard times as well as taking care of them in illness, that’s why we can say society is a big support or a hope.
  • The content of text tells us the health status of elderly people on social perspectives. And it is very supportive towards to maintain the healthy interpersonal relationship with members of society.
  • This is issue can be discussed in class room presenting the importance of the social relationship with health. How health can be affected by social connections and how we can contribute to improve this.


     This article broadens the concept of activities of art that helps to improve the physical and mental health. Artistic activity is act as rehabilitative therapy for long term patients. The government of United Kingdom gives a policy on treatment of patients with nonmedical management at community level. There is number of programs running in the UK, which includes the different types of recreational activities like singing, dancing, forum theatre, writing or so on… all these activities are very helpful for individuals to raise their confidence level as well as improvements in internal and external health status, moreover it builds the better social bounding and  develop new skills. Fruitful activities can helps to improve mental illness and promote wellness. The involvement of older adults into artistic activities can improve the social participation or improve the health conditions like anxiety, depression. For example: singing can helps to cope up with serious disease conditions, like in a recent research findings it is  proved a result that if person is suffering from the Parkinson’s disease starts participation in group singing or dancing the feel changes that occurs like movement improvements and vocal changes as well. Furthermore, British lung foundation recommends the group singing to people who have COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), because “singing for breathing groups” can helps to increase lung function as improve the quality of life.

  • This article shows positivity for physical and mental health. This article shows another aspect that nonmedical support can also play aid in health care management. For example: singing can help individual to treat various health issues like mental illnesses; anxiety depression.
  • The headline of article gives us a new opinion that creativity can also help to improve health status. It improves our knowledge regarding new concept that fruitful activities are very cost effective technique to improve health conditions.
  • The writing content is powerful point towards health. This is the newest thing that we heard and had very bigger impact on livelihood to improve body functions internally and externally, and it will give peace from inside. This is very supportive towards health status of seniors.
  • The issue of nonmedical care had a positive change into outer world because medical assistance can only work technically but recreational activities result long last and people are able to enjoy it in whole life period.

ARTICLE 4 Geriatricians Can Help Aging Patients Navigate Multiple Ailments(By Judith Graham, Kaiser Health News, 2017)

     This article focuses on the importance of geriatricians in old age. It discuss about how can a geriatrician can minimize the illness what affords they take to upgrade the health of elder. To consult with geriatric experts creates the awareness among the old age people and their family members. The geriatric specialists are those individuals who spent one year extra to study or to understand the condition of elderly people to serve the better up to their expectations. There are specialized training programs are introduced for geriatrician to taught the major principles of geriatric and to give idea regarding to fulfill the needs of older people. Geriatrician had some specialized skills or abilities to understand the perception old age people as compare to younger adult. They can better know about the end –of- life care or palliative care. The geriatric consultation can involve two steps; first is assessment, which includes the physical, psychological assessment and second is plan of action. This way health status should be more focused.

  • This article indicates the positive attitude of geriatricians towards the health of older adults. The geriatrician’s provide the medical support to older people in their last phase of their life, that helps older people to live peacefully and an easy life. For example, if an elder person is in pain due to any physical injury or any psychological condition the geriatrician gives them an adequate assistance to cope up with this type of situation and helps them to improve their health status.
  • The headline of this article would tell us the role of geriatrician in health sector of the older people and play a greater aid to improve the health status of old age people as well as teach the families about the importance of health of elderly people.
  • The written content of this article gives the huge understanding about the medical support that is needed for the health of old age people and also improve our knowledge level towards the health of elderly people and their needs. Moreover, this text is very supportive for the health assistance of old age people.



All articles in this assignment give a brief review on the health status of old age people. As first article tells about to maintain about the continuity of life of seniors and a healthy lifestyle is must to live a tension free or happy life or prevention from illness. For all these purposes social interaction is very necessary. Furthermore, non-medical treatments like singing, dancing and other recreational activities can also play vital role to maintain the health status of elderly people in later phase of life. Lastly, the geriatricians are the only person who can better understand the elderly people rather outside world. They can do their best and serve on their level. 


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  • By Hilary Bungay, Anglia Ruskin University. (2018). How Creativity on Prescription Can Improve Mental and Physical Health. THE EPOCH TIMES, https://m.theepochtimes.com/how-creativity-on-prescription-can-improve-mental-and-physical-health-2_2632875.html.
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