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Is Scientology Dangerous?

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A religion regarded as unorthodox or spurious. Scientology was made up by L. Ron Hubbard, a man who wanted to create a practical religion for all races, color, and gender. He believed this as a “route to previously unimagined spiritual heights” (scientology.org). Scientologists believe highly in reincarnation and that their spirits are immortal and flow through to every new person when they die. L. Ron Hubbard is a man who created this cult to liberate the human soul or thetan; a word derived from the Greek letter theta. Hubbard is a god to the people who believe in him. People who are in Scientology are more brain washed than the celebrities in Hollywood. The only difference is that the people in Scientology are the people in Hollywood. Scientology is a cult based on one man’s crude version of reality.

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Scientology is classified as a cult in most people’s minds because of their strict rules and unorthodox ways of going about things. It is considered a cult because people are treated badly and are harassed if they don’t agree with a rule. There are cases of very unorthodox forms of repenting in the Church of Scientology. People have stated that when they were under the belief of Scientology they were told that everything bad that has happened to them is all their fault and they have to make up for it by spreading awareness of Scientology so they can help others atone for everything. The journalist Joel Sappell reported that in his 5 year study of the Church of Scientology, “The tip of the spear,” that his dog appeared to be having seizure from which the vet couldn’t determine the cause of. This comes after he had previously reported on a Scientology related civil trial. Soon after it died, Sappell received a call from “Supreme Court judge Ronald Swearinger”(Sappell) who called claiming to have. Even though Sappell had never previously spoken to this man they both had something in common. Swearinger’s dog has been drowned, which made him very concerned since his beloved collie would “never go near the water on his own”(Sappell). Sappell states that people had warned him to “keep an eye on pets”(Sappell) while he and a colleague, only named in the article as Bob, left town to keep their heads low while they’re investigating the church. Maybe it was coincidence many highly suspect the church targets people’s pets since so many people have reported that their animals suddenly die or disappear when they speak openly about the misgivings of the church. The current leader of Scientology is David Miscavige who is also in command of the Sea Org or The Sea Organization which is a “odd mixture of military and corporate management…with staff members living in army-like conditions” (exscientologykids.com). They have such unorthodox ways of going about their religion that they restrict people from having children while working for Sea Org. If you “get pregnant you are either pressured to abort the baby or you must leave.”(exscientologykids.com) Cover ups and pay offs may be the reason they are never caught for their bad deeds. Scientology really challenges the meaning of church and it should never be called one and only be considered a cult. In May of 2010, another case was opened about child sex abuse allegations. Of the people putting out these accusations was “the daughter of the president of the church in Australia” (New Zealand Herald, pg.19). This goes to show that even the people of the highest standings have come forward and spoke against the church. Many “reported claims of forced abortions, imprisonment,”(New Zealand Herald, pg.19) and disconnection.

The strict policies of Scientology and the impact on the people who follow this belief system are in some ways both corrupted by the thoughts of Hubbard. In an interview from April 2016, the parents of two followers of the Church of Scientology, Phil and Willie Jones, begged for their children to come forward and speak to them again. Claiming that the “last time they spoke to Michael,” the son who they claim was “stolen”” from them by Scientology after the church deemed them as suppressive people, “was two years ago.”(Gadi Schwartz) After being “blocked” twice from putting up a billboard to get their children’s attention in Hollywood they finally found a site where they could unveil their sign. Other parents who were excommunicated from the church or were forcefully “disconnected” from their families came to support the Jones family. A lot of cases against Scientology have to do with freedom of speech. Written in the Constitution, freedom of speech has given the people of the United States the freedom to speak freely. Scientology has found a way to squash and subdue the first amendment. Hubbard created his own version called “Fair Game.” This policy “forces all believers to ignore moral and ethical tenets” (Jose Liy). Hubbard let his followers harass people until it became bigger than it seemed. Thus forcing him to claim that “followers harassing and breaking laws were misguided and misunderstood”(Jose Liy). If everyone who harassed people for not believing in the same things as them were just brushed off as “misguided and misunderstood” then there would be no such thing as religious fanatics. They go as far as pulling “South Park,” a Comedy Central show, off the air because it poked fun at Scientology. Tons of religions are made fun of or joked about on different TV shows and/or movies, but since Scientology is a bigger deal in Hollywood they could not take the chances of looking silly in front of their peers. Yet other actual religions are more made fun of than Scientology wants to maintain their scary appearance and keep people second guessing them.

Disconnection is a very common thing in Scientology. When you are labeled as suppressive you are not allowed to speak too your family. From an article in which the people affected by disconnection told their story and still remained scientology loyal. In this article the names were changed to keep the people safe. Mary was “raised in Scientology”(leavingscientology.wordpress.com) by her dad Sam who is a “dedicated Scientologist”(leavingscientology.wordpress.com) and joined Sea Org along with her brother. One day Sam found out Mary was labeled as a suppressive person because she messed up a operation at Sea Org. Sam worried about her being disconnected and knew he had to disconnect from her since it is a policy. Even though Scientology “insist that Disconnection does not exist” (exscientologykids.com/disconnection) yet it seems to pop up more often. Since Sam cannot speak to Mary until she gets her good standing back he branches off and commits the crime of contacting Ex-Scientologists. When Mary started to consider a lawsuit, the church offered her a “”deal” if Mary would shut up about the abuses, and agree not to be part of any lawsuit, then her SP declare would be lifted” (leavingscientology.wordpress.com). Fearing for his daughter’s safety Sam researched some ex-scientologists who were not named and learned their stories. Mary did not want to be disconnected and they told her that dads’ betrayal will be forgiven as well as hers. “Mary signed.” She gave in and let them take her back out of fear and possible loneliness. There are different arguments for disconnection. Some are pro, some are con. From the families of disconnection the arguments are con, yet for Scientologist it is considered likewise to excommunication. Even though excommunicated people “are not permitted to take any of the sacraments or receive blessings, their families and friends are not pressured to abandon them” (exscientologykids.com). Scientology may deny disconnection, but it is one of the worst kind of “excommunication” since it does not only focus on disconnecting the person considered a suppressive person; it pushes the family to go as far as never speaking to the person again or disowning them. Not claiming a son as their own or thinking of a father as someone who helped in the process of your creation.

In conclusion, Scientology may not be the average sacrificial virgin cult, but it is in fact a dangerous cult. Modern society needs to be more aware of Scientology’s rule over people. Since the media down plays Scientology as something to poke fun at no one really questions Scientologists. If asked many people would probably not even know what Scientology is. Instead of answers you will receive questions likewise to “is that science?” or “is that something to do with biology?” Younger people are more unaware of Scientology than some may think. Unless they follow people like Leah Remini or watch shows like “South Park” and learn how Scientology messes with people in real life. Some things that will make people actually think, what really is Scientology? Once society realizes the dangers of Scientology then the numbers of Scientologists possibly will fall and people will feel safer because they will not be a radical threat anymore. Scientology is a cult and a lot of innocent people are unaware of what they are walking into.

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