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Pressure on Women for Perfect Bodies

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Society, a word used to describe a group of people in a opinionated state. Judging  and basing a “theory” on one another and showing hate on the way someone looks and appears.

This has caused both Boys and girls to feel pressured for the positive attention of others, online and in person . all people want is to feel wanted and accepted so they will do anything to be appreciated or praised because of their clothes, luxuries, and most importantly body types.

However guys aren’t as pressured to have better bodies than girls. Girls are put to shame and called names and bullied to the extent of death because of the unrealistic picture of perfect.

“What is the ideal weight?” the question is thrown in the air and tossed around. No one knows the right answer but girls feel insecure and self conscious about how others view them leading to eating disorders which  have been a common effect caused by the image of perfect the internet has drilled in people’s heads. Unfortunately things are only getting worse girls weighing under 150 pounds and under the age of  20 are going into hospitals, and getting help from psychiatrists because of unhealthy eating habits and drug abuse to lose weight . all because of fear of getting “bigger” or  “uglier”  to look like someone that the individual looks up to most, as a idol. “What’s most surprising is that, to some fans, those photos weren’t alarming, but inspiring. “I admire her,” wrote one 19-year-old girl about Mary-Kate’s increasingly gaunt appearance on a teen Web site’s message board devoted to eating disorders. The girl had cut out the skinniest pictures of Mary-Kate, she wrote, “and pasted them in my journal, because that is what I am striving to look like.”(  pressure to be perfect   ) Many girls see photos of models and famous skinny girls showing their bones and on the verge of anorexia as inspirational and something they strive to look like only because they are famous and looked up to by many. These thought and actions of Eating disorders are not only affecting your physical appearance but also your mental stability.”What’s a person to think? Perfect images of perfect celebrities are everywhere. It’s enough to make anyone feel insecure or envious”( pretty unreal ) Not only are images of most liked celebrities everywhere you look on instagram or the internet but they are engraved in your mind.When you pass a mirror you don’t see beauty you see the negatives and silently compare yourself to some complete stranger. In your eyes they  have a perfect body and a way about them you strive to be instead of being happy with yourself. There is no ideal weight or size and girls so young shouldn’t be worrying about such a minor thing so early in life and extreme dieting .

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These issues are leading to depression and self doubt, confidence is fading and so is happiness in all girls anorexia is glamorized and girls are falsely labeled. In today’s generation no one can honestly trust the way someone looks. So much is done to a single picture or video of stars, airbrush effects are done before a photo shoot session or filming and tons of editing for that look of perfection. Its proven that more than half of the films have some type of post production altering done.”Most kids such as Leah expect catalog and magazine models to be airbrushed to perfection. But many kids don’t realize that movie and television actors can be altered during postproduction. In the last few years, technology has made it possible for editors to change a star’s smile, hair and body after the movie has been filmed. “We call it beauty work,” says Richard E. Greenberg “(pressure to be perfect, celebrities have lots of help to make them look flawless)The quote provides proof that alterations are done so you aren’t seeing the real stars so it’s all fake they don’t seriously look like that so why strive to be something non existent . the pressure of perfect bodies come from the feeling of competition to stand out, until then depression and loss of confidence  are increased. “Despite models’ best efforts, many still don’t look “good enough” for the industry. “One hundred percent of fashion photos are retouched,” said Brad Adams, a New York City photographer whose retouching service works with advertising agencies. “Usually the eyes and teeth are whitened, makeup and skin problems corrected, and hair cleaned up. Models are already thin, but I’ve done jobs where even skinny models are made to look skinnier.”(pretty unreal)Girls don’t think about the time money and editing done to everything now days. The image of perfect still sticks in their minds and makes young people depressed and not appreciate their natural bodies.If movie makers can make up humans imagine what they can do to the real people. Seeing these things hurts you and your body image , you see yourself as less of a person because of a group of peoples opinion on perfect bodies. No one knows what perfection really is different cultures seek perfect in different ways. ultimately your body image has a lot to do with your mind not your body which leads back to confidence and self doubt.

Girls health concerns and desire to have a perfect body has made extreme increases in request of plastic surgery before the age of 18. The problem is your body isn’t even done growing yet and it brings up concerns about your future and how it will affect you later on in life. A teen girl’s idea of perfection is a thin waist big butt and larger breast, plastic surgery seems to be the go to solution of the present generations. Its became a huge issue in debate of asking for plastic surgery as gifts and incentives just to be satisfied with how you feel about yourself.”Most board-certified plastic surgeons say they usually won’t perform implant surgery on girls under 18 unless one breast is much smaller than the other. Girls finishing high school, though, often request-and get-implants as graduation gifts.” (pressure to be perfect) Thankfully plastic surgeons are realizing how insane the demand of younger generations wanting plastic surgery has become that they have put limitations and restrictions on the usage and availability to girls under the age of 18. Alot more then just implants are taking place.”Teens are having other cosmetic procedures, such as botox injections and eyelid surgery, in greater numbers too. But plastic surgery carries risks, particularly for teens. “Their bodies are not done transforming and changing,” says Dr. Lawrence Bass, a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City. “It’s like building a house on quicksand-the foundation isn’t stable.( pressure to be perfect) Both quotes provide solid examples of just how extreme the pressure to have a perfect body has impacted young girls and just how willing they are to go through surgery to fix their self esteem.  Making surgery such a easy fix and escape to a problem has caused addiction and health problems along your of growth. A perfect body is a prized possession to many teen girls that means more than life itself, having a bigger butt or bigger breast doesn’t make you any better of a person , there is no need in having to stand out.

Individuals from all over believe that females have more pressure than males to have the ideal body.Girls get made fun of more about what they look like each year and more are proven to be taking weight loss pills at such a young age. Unhealthy as that is it’s better than surgery. Many young girls starting in middle school get called names and made fun of but brush it off and don’t let it get to them. However after hearing the same stuff for so long you begin to believe what you hear leading to trying out pills to speed up your metabolism.”Girls seem particularly prone to body-image issues. “When I was younger, it was harder because I wanted to fit in so much,” admitted Natalie, 17, of Humphrey, Neb. Erika from Scottsdale added, “I’m in cheer, and most of my friends want to lose weight.” She says she has dieted before and goes to the gym several times a week. Meanwhile, her classmate, Aliraza, 15, says he has never really worried about his looks. “I’m pretty sure girls have a lot more pressure when it comes to appearance.” (pretty unreal) Guys don’t start worrying about their bodies till later on in life when they really start looking for a significant other. while girls start worrying about their appearance when they start seeing things they don’t like about themselves or when someone has something you don’t. Fitting in means a lot a girls if a perfect body will achieve that than what will stop you. “Some experts say boys are starting to face the pressures long placed on girls, as buff, bare men proliferate in pop culture.” ( a guy thing too )  .Although girls aren’t the only ones feeling the pressure it’s more so drawn into girls to strive to be perfect and have a nice body to attract men. Most men don’t get made fun of because of their bodies because they don’t care as much as a girl does until later in life.It’s not about the body, it’s just a mental issue. A issue that has been a problem for too long numbers have increased of weight loss pills taken by nearly 15% since 2000. Which may not seem like a lot , but that’s one in every six females in the world are taking these pills to maintain a image of perfect. Society has ruined the mental health of women worldwide just because of a “perfect body”

A Lot of change has happened to the mental and physical health of females of all ages since the year 2000. Females strive to have attention and be recognized for a perfect body so bad that things have went to the extreme of surgery at such a young age, taking weight loss pills and having depression issues.psychiatrist have gotten involved in teenages comparing themselves to celebrities and developing eating disorders. Girls are pressured most to have perfect bodies at such a young age it will forever be a issue until people learn to appreciate how unique each individual is made.

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