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Water Pollutions Causes Effect And Solution Environmental Sciences Essay

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Wordcount: 1075 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Although industrialization plays an important role in developing the economics of a country, we cannot overlook the causes and effects that it brings to the society and environment, particular in water pollution. Therefore, in order to alleviate and eliminate the serious impact of water pollution, we have to know well about the causes and effects of water pollution in order to find the best solution to tackle this issue. In this essay, we are going to present the most significant cause and effect of water pollution and ways to solve this problem.

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There are several factors behind which cause the water pollution. One of the major causes is the waste from the industries. It is so common that most of the industries seem consider that the sea or rivers is a good place for them to dump the waste. Those wastes contain very harmful substances which cause the sea and rivers become poison. Another main reason that leads to the water pollution is sewage. Sewage is a kind of waste such as faeces or dirty water from home or factories which flows away through sewers. It happens since those people do not want to live in a polluted area or dumpsite. For example, most developing countries carry those sewages to water while most developed countries have flush toilet which can take sewage quickly away from their houses. Moreover, sometime sewage is drained directly to the rivers or sea which has bad effect to the human and diversity in marine life. Last but not least, oil pollution is also the major reason of water pollution. Today, oil pollution becomes a serious problem to concern. Sometime, oil spill is spilled accidentally; however, most of the ships spill it to the sea on purpose. The spread of oil cause a serious problem to be worried due to the fact that it makes lots of pollution and death to all kind of species in the sea. For example, the biggest oil spill in Alaska which 44 million litter of oil were release into the pristine wilderness killed many species in the sea. Several animals were killed and several billion of fish were destroyed. (Wood ford Chris, 2006).

In short, waste from industries, sewage, and oil pollution are the major causes that need to be concerned.

There are two main negative effects that are caused by the industrial water pollution that mostly occurred in the industrialized countries and developing countries. First of all, water pollution effects on the human health. When the water that people consume for daily life become pollutant, it will effect directly on their health and lives. Commonly, people in over the world must need water in order to support their lives, but if the drinking water contain lots of chemical substances such as phosphates, sulfuric acid, acids, toxic metals, oil, pesticides, it will caused many serious diseases on their lives and health such as diarrhea, hepatitis, dysentery, cholera, blood disease, etc. (Chandramita, 2012). For example, people and mostly children who drink the water that contain chemical substance like Nitrates, they will face a risk to their health and death. Moreover, when people eat fish or food that takes from the water which contain pollutants, they will get sick. Lastly, water pollution effects on the marine lives and aquatic plants as well. Because when the industrial wastes flow through the sewage pipe into the river or lake, they can impact on the aquatic plants and marine lives that live at there. For common example, many species of fish need a minimum of 4-5 mg of dissolved oxygen so as to survive, otherwise, if the water contains chemical substances, those fish will die or reduce reproductive output and decrease the quantity. (Environmental Engineering Solution, 2008). In addition, the oil spilled is one another important that effect on the aquatic plants and marine lives. For example, there are many ships that spill the oil into the ocean or river, thus, the large number of marine lives die every year. Moreover, the aquatic plants like seaweed cannot grow in the polluted water as well.

Prevention is better than cure. The best possible way ever to alleviate and eliminate water pollution from industries is prevention. First of all, Industry should clean up their waste before disposing it. In elaborate, they should have a proper check on the type of the waste that they are going to dispose of and segregate the harmful and non-harmful waste. Then, they have to clean up the non-harmful sewage before sending it to the sewage and dispose the toxic chemical waste properly. By doing these, it will help to decrease the polluted level of chemical material that is needed in production when they dispose it into water (Asaff, 2012). Second of all, In order to protect our water from being polluted, we have to ensure that the water protection act has its proven effect and to enforce the law of water protection; Clean Water Act for example, in order to raise the awareness of the public and restrict the industry from doing whatever they want without concerning on the effect of their action (Natural Resources Defense Council, n.d.). Last but not least, since oil is considered as one of the deadly water pollution, industry should get rid of such problem by having a regular check on their machine in order to prevent the leakage that is stemmed by the improper usage or machine breakdown. Furthermore, factory has to properly disposed the oil that they use and clean up all of the that is resulted by oil leaks (Asaff, 2012).

In Conclusion, if the suggested solution above is fully implemented, water pollution will be alleviated. As a result, the world will be a better place to live in and less pollution will be harmful to all living things on Earth.


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