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Disadvantages of Unclean Environment

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Air polluted by many ways such that chemical gases, traffic, factories and global warming etc. Mostly air is polluted by chemicals uses. Usage of poison sprays on crops makes the air polluted. Such gases cause the pollution of air. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are nontoxic gasses, nonflammable chemicals containing atoms of carbon, chlorine and fluorine. They are use manufactured of aerosol sprays, blowing agents for foams and packing materials as solvents, and as refrigerants. CFCs are classified as halocarbons, a class of compounds that contain atoms of carbon and halogen atoms. Individual CFC molecules are labeled with a unique numbering system. For example, the CFC number of11 indicates the number of atoms of carbon, hydrogen, chlorine and fluorine (e.g. CCl3F as CFC-11). The best way to remember the system is the “rule of 90” or adds 90 to the CFC number where the first digit is the number of carbon atom(C), the second digit is the number of hydrogen atoms (H), and the third digit is number of the fluorine atoms(F). The total number of chlorine is calculated by the expression: Chlorine=2(C+ 1)-H-F. In the example cfc-11 has one carbon, no hydrogen, one fluorine, and therefore 3 chlorine atoms.

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Whereas CFCs are safe to use in most application and inert in lower atmosphere, they do undergo significant reaction in the upper atmosphere or stratosphere. In 1947, two University of California chemists, Professor F. Sherwood Rowland and Dr. Mario Molina, showed that the CFCs could be a major source of inorganic chlorine in the stratosphere following their photolytic decomposition by UV radiation. In addition, some of the released chlorine would become active in destroying ozone in the stratosphere. Ozone is a trace gas located primarily in the stratosphere. Ozone absorbs harmful ultraviolet radiation in the wavelengths between 280 and 320 nm of the UV-B radiation reaching the Earth’s surface. Chlorine released from CFCs destroys ozone in catalytic reactions where 100,000 molecules of ozone can be destroyed per chlorine atom.In Antarctica a whole depletion is produce due to destroy of ozone layer. Ozone in lower sphere creates the pollution but on the top sphere it prevents the UV rays and radiation to the earth from sun. These rays are also producing the air pollution.

Carbon monoxide is highly poisoned gas. With cigars and cigarettes the CO produced is inhaled by the smoker and combines with the smoker’s blood to form car boxy hemoglobin.. Carbon monoxide is a by-product of combustion, present whenever fuel is burned without enough oxygen. It is very dangerous for life. It does about 0.5% quantity can be causes of death. It is very danger for environment. Carbon monoxide is produce by burning. It produces 75.7% from transport, 10.6% from burning of (vegetation, wood), and 2.4%from iron steel mill and other from domestic. It’s more quantity produce from traffic. It produces most from by burning of things. CO is a main factor of air pollution. Vehicles are a big source of CO. CO2 has great effect on air pollution. CO2 is a byproduct of combustion, present whenever fuel is burned in the presence of oxygen. It is badly effect on the environment. It is collect and makes thick layers which cause the heating. CO2 is also effect on the human life. Smog is polluted the air. Smog is the mixture of some gasses with S gas. This is a dangerous for environment. It produces the dangerous disuses.

Transport is unique whish spread maximum air pollution. Smoke evolved from cars polluted the air 75.7%. About three quarter parts air pollution produce by smoke of car. This smoke creates many problems. Maine reason of air pollution is transport.

  • Effect on environment:

Pollution has badly effect on environment. For living the good life need clean environment. For clean environment it must be that pollutions should be minimize. For human life it must be that air should be pure. Due to air pollution other pollutions are create. Air pollution is badly effect on everything. Air pollution disturbs the life of all species. Air pollution creates the much disuse and other problems. Such problems are so difficult.

  • Disadvantages:
  • Disuses;

Air pollution effects on human life so bad. Much disuse is produce by air pollution. Due to air pollution ozone layer effect which protect the ultraviolet rays from sun. Ultraviolet rays are coming from sun to the earth from hole of ozone layer. These rays are very harmful. From these rays produces serious disuse. Cancer is a horrible disuse. It is a serious problem for human. Its treatment is so expensive that a poor cannot bear its expensive. It reached the person to the valley of death. At the end stage a person dying. Such rays can also produce the eyes and skin disuses. Eye’s disuses are horrible disuses. Smoke is produce breathing disuses. It also effect on the lungs. By this pollution human lives become difficult. A sick man nothing perform then that of healthy person. Disuses make the person lazy.

  • Acid rain:

Acid rain is very harmful for the environment. Acid rains produce by air pollution. Most dangerous chemicals already present in air. When it is raining then many gasses are in air mixed with rain water. In the air N2O, Chlorine, Nitrogen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are already present. After their reaction with rain water they get form of acid. This rain is called acid rain. Such chemicals mixed and appeared in the form of acid. Acid is affected badly on the environment. It produces the skin disuses. It damaged the buildings material. It is effect on the plants. One tree produces the oxygen for 36 children. It is very effect on the environment. Plants reduced the pollution but it effect on the plants. It makes the soil acidic which effect on the crops, planting and trees. Growth of craps reduces. Acidic soil cannot produce a good quantity of wheat. It affects the buildings color and other material. Acid rain is the source of other pollution. This acidic water mixed with river it effect on the sea creature. So that from acid rain water pollution takes place. Water is necessary for human life this water can also absorbed by land.

  • Overcome on the air pollution:

For healthy and a good life environment should be must clean. Garbage should be disposed of properly. Surrounding should be clean. Pure air is necessary for the good health. Forests are very important. For pure air should be more plantings. Without air life is nothing. Planting is unique source to overcome the air pollution. Much is planting. Plants absorbed the CO2 and many other gasses. It rains mostly due to plants. Fore clean environment pure air is must be required. Air pureed by plants. Forbid to cuts the trees and forest. A government should be band on cutting the plants. Government should support the scheme of planting. Trees where control the pollution they are also much useful.

Traffic should use the low for the traveling. Use the good quality of engines that evolved the minimize smoke. Overcome the smoke. It has poisoned gas like CO and CO2. These gasses has main rule to pollute the air. People should travel on local transport. They should act upon the traffic rules. Smoking is the main source of pollution.

Factories use the electricity instead of burning thing. There smoke is highly toxic. So factories use properly. Trains are derived by electricity instead of engines. They do something for improvement the environment. Overall reduce the using of those things which causes the serious problem.


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