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The Sustainability In Residential Development Environmental Sciences Essay

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Unsustainable is the word that defines the absence of logic in terms of describing in residential development. Loads of explanations, analysis and proposed plans and cures exist for this unsustainable development. However Sustainable development in residential is increasing motivation between architects and interior designer; latest methods are developing each day that gives a promising area of an eco-friendly lifestyle.


Sustainable development in Interior design (also named as green design or eco design) manifest that a good-looking, vigorous living space can ease the negative effect on the environment without forfeiting aesthetics.

Sustainable development is one of the high significance proposals, which recommends reaching the stability between economic, social and environmental aspect. In this proposal, I will discuss about sustainable in residential development that is how residential can subsidize into sustainability and benefits of it in housing development.

Background /Context:


Sustainable development can be defined in two ways: one development, which means the need of a present without avoiding the ability of future generations to have their own needs, and secondly, securing towards a healthier quality of lifecycle for every one of us and coming generations. Sustainable development is key code of a viewpoint in environmental area of health and safety of ecosystem in globally. Sustainable development has been defined in many ways, but the most frequently quoted definition is from Our Common Future, also known as the Brundtland Report:[1]

“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It contains within it two key concepts:

the concept of needs, in particular the essential needs of the world’s poor, to which overriding priority should be given; and

the idea of limitations imposed by the state of technology and social organization on the environment’s ability to meet present and future needs.”

The main aim of sustainable development is to persuade the public to use the essential facilities without the help of vehicles. They should be pushed more into public conveyance. The site or the location of the development should stay in such area that they can access to the local service by public transport. This kind development reduces the effect of greenhouse effect and C02 radiations and conservation of the natural resources, within the resident societies and affluent and innocuous economy. 

All definitions of sustainable development have 3 elements which are economic, social and environment.

Sustainable Development in Economical aspect:

Economic development is the processes that motivate the system under study, as well as the sets linked with the movement of energy and materials which are essential to exist. As we all share the nature, the changes affects our daily habitual life and hence its necessary to apprehend what is actuality affected and how. This acquaintance is of the simple definition of sustainability develop problem.

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Sustainable Development in Social Aspect:

Social aspect in sustainability development, also said social security system has effect to improve individual health and the social benefit and to increase the social assets. Social asset is the source to convince the society to recreate the interest and develop network and connection. It’s the blend of quantity and quality of social communication in human lives.

Thus, developing social in sustainably is to reduce the liability and sustaining the health of social system.

Sustainable Development in Environment Aspect:

Environment aspect or ecology system is the nature source of all energy and raw materials to create the environment development. Ecology is the organism in environment which is the connection between relation and interaction between living organism which adds human, nature and habits.


Building environment represent the fundamental of reaching the sustainable objectives. This adds reducing greenhouse gas emission, pollution and the preserving of resources and organized the society and acquiring economy. With the said words above about sustainability in housing development can be expressively added to the sustainability in few points given below:

It consumes large amounts of resource

It’s a secure benefits for a long life

It’s the value and the effects of housing development towards the transport, health employment and community.

The construction between sustainable and housing has a very essential part in to completing sustainability, because housing develop devours the resource in construction to maintain its use in large scale. There is a connection between housing and sustainability, which works in two process , including the ethics of sustainability in housing development is preservation and restoration which will not going to make any impact in the eminence of strength and the cost efficiency of housing development.

Impact of housing Development towards sustainability

There is number of issues that can contribute housing development in sustainability. State below:

Climate changes are one of the most widespread and hypothetically unsafe environment issues, which are the reason of greenhouse gases emissions, and especially CO2. The housing zone provides a significant role of community, the plan and the location of the housing development and the harmful climates changes in local area because of dangerous gases polluted around and the greenhouse gases emissions from the housing growth. The main target to this point is to minimizing the climate changes in terms of transports area, by decreasing the car usage.

Physical resources, at the end of the building life, recycle and re-using the materials ease the quarries and other cause of resource to have new resource and landfill amount of flattening for mine and quarries.

Tumbling the pollution and enlightening the air quality and health in daily lives, greenhouse gases and other source of energy produce dangerous gases like SO2( acid rain ), NOx and CO2 which are harmful gases in our life. Using enough energy efficiency positively reduce the emissions of pollution. Airtight building and use of artificial materials is one of the causes of health illness known as ‘sick building syndrome’. This illness occur cause of compressed and airtight of housing plans.

Sustainable settlements need to be created because greenhouse gases is one of the singular source to transport sector which initially can be reduce by developing the building in order to reduce the travel via vehicle and influence to walk, cycling or public transport.

Benefit of Sustainability in Housing Development

The is three benefit of sustainability in housing development which are related and follows the same pattern as environment, social and economic effectively.

Energy effectiveness

Heating up house, suffering from dampness becomes one of the main issues in many houses, pointedly for poor families, which increase the illness in the community. Developing and using energy efficiency will benefit the quality of life, strength and standard living style in the society. The sustainable housing development not only provide the environment approach and energy efficiency housing, it also add an increase of employment, health care and many other services, which will be convenient for public to access by public transport or walk.

Social presence

Large schemes arise difficult in the cities to proof the essential of construction societies than rarely group of building. With the facilities in sustainable development there should be also varied of income and age grouping in terms of occupations and the house must be develop in such a location that large number of society can take palace in term of base.

Residential design should be develop to subsidize in sustainability not to give only the warm living, reducing travel issues but also a settlement of worth life to continue in generation, which will decrease the efficiency of dwelling cost.

Economic effect and money ethics

Thinking of short term investment, leads to extra value of money in long term investment. Developing site in cheap cost may produce more money to spend. The benefit of sustainability in money issue is to study the long-term cost effect. It may cost extra in short term but it will affect the downward of long term cost in residential development.

Research questions:

As I have explained above about Sustainability in housing develop, its impact and the benefit of it, therefore the questions are:

What is the main challenge of this proposal?

How to develop affordable housing in 3 aspect of sustainable.

Affordable housing and sustainable development are main two challenges around the world. As said by UK Gov. (2009), that housing demand has risen boomingly than the supply and as the price of house has increased than the rate of wages it has been difficult for young people to afford it .

Developing affordable housing is one of the most important verdicts in sustainable design. Significantly sustainable is an issue, when it comes to designing housing project. As it covers the main part in using of building materials, space and location.

What need to be done?

Before approaching to sustainable housing development we need to study the policy to include the community, construction of housing. Building regulation, finance and facility of land, which can improve the affordable housing to develop eco-efficiency, location and design sector.

Eco- Efficiency – it’s the involvement of community to understand the planning of site, design and maintenance of housing projects.

Location – in order to achieve economic sustainability in housing project near to transport area, this will provide facilities toward public transport.

Design – to reduce the cost of house, infrastructure cost, ecological impression and improve the quality of life.

To achieve such plan we need to include community service, dense design, friendly environment design and eco-efficient house. This can be possible by subsidizing the government in the process

Case studies

Sustainability towards the housing development are nowadays become the major focus in the world. Below are some example given:

Bedzed ( Beddington Zero Energy Development) it’s one of the largest sustainability community in UK, which was built in 2000 in south-west London , on a brownfield site, industry field with 100 homes designed to afford for average people with standard quality of life .

The concept of their design was to use of home energy for heating and hot water system and allocating the windows and triple glazing towards south and reducing the electricity by low energy lighting system. Their installation in wall by thicker than the average with insulation between the bricks to avoid energy loss and the solar panel used on the roof to ventilate the house and recover heat from the air coming out.

Bedzed http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/05/BedZED_2007.jpg/300px-BedZED_2007.jpg

Bowzed apartment at Tomlins Grove , located in east London. It was completes in 2004 by Bill Dunster Architects Zed factory.

The concept of this apartment was create solar heating system which will stay up to five days in winter and internal temperature by 10’c in summer. The achievement of this project was to have zero carbon and high level if insulation and thermal mass without the central heating system. The heating system is generated from renewable source for up over a year. http://www.zedfactory.com/bowzed_gallery/images/bowzed3.jpg


Colne and Mersea low carbon refurbishment housing located in Barking, London. It was completed in 2011

The concept this project was to change the existing house according to the climate to design a standard living home with improving energy- efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. http://www.unitedhouse.net/uploads/images/bd59bbe0c842fcda3f14b6a4543df8bf.jpg

Colne Masea


The highlight of this proposal was the sustainability in residential or housing development in terms of social, economic and environmental aspect for affordable house. Many ideas have been study to consider sustainability to achieve the close location to public transport, social, community facilities and compact design according to the climate. It’s also been said that there is some idea of sustainability which are opposite of each other such as eco-efficiency is expensive and tough to have affordable to obtain a house without government financial support. As it’s important to have affordable housing, hence it’s essential to give the high importance to afford a house for low income sectors it’s easy to have sustainability housing by giving well design but economically it is expensive to have sustainable housing. Over all having sustainability housing depends on the location wise and unlikely without using design principles it can be easy to have sustainable housing development.



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