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Importance Of Tropical Rainforests Environmental Sciences Essay

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Recently the global climate changed anomalies, the temperature rise a lot in many countries in Europe, heat wave, hurricane caused many deaths in America, even Asia appear anomalous July snow weather and We all know that it is causing by climate change. For regulating climate, Rainforest play an important role, the destruction of tropical rainforest which is the most serious eco development problems encountered in recent decades. These tropical rainforest is not only for a variety of animals, plants, and insects, an important for living perches off environment and tropical rainforests are also closely associated with climate change. Human as short-sighted and completely selfishness , felling a large number of rainforests, not only will destroy the natural environment which makes a variety of biological extinction, and climate changed, the last human will peril.

Location and distribution

Tropical rainforests are located along the equator. Mostly between the Tropic of Capricorn and Tropic of Cancer, This distance is thus called the band of the tropics. Solar energy will be most intense in this area because the sun will shin directly onto this area without giving an angle to it. The sun will shine all year long, about 12 hours a day thus providing enough energy for plants to do photosynthesis. The rainforests are distributed in South and Central America, Africa, Oceania (the island around Australia), and Asia. Although widely distributed, tropical rainforests cover only 7% of the earth’s surface.

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Tropical forests are usually warm year around with temperatures from 72-93F. This is with the exception of cloud forest, which is usually cooler because of its high elevation. The temperature of the tropical rainforests usually stays the same all years long only with a small fluctuation that is only about 0.5F throughout the year. There is a high amount of cloud covering the tropical rainforests, which will result in the high humidity. This huge amount of cloud will also prevent the plants from dying out during the time of the year when rainfall is not as much. Because it will make the air moist and wet for the plants.

Tropical rainforests are high rainfall. It was the rainfall that they experience each year them into the unique characteristics. The usual rainfall day is about 130-250 days per year and the humidity will always stay about 80%. The variation of the temperature of tropical rainforests is also very small between day and night, usually about 10F. Due to the huge amount of rainfall, tropical rainforest will not experience “hot” or “cold” seasons throughout the year, but it will experience “wet” and “dry” seasons.

The humidity of tropical rainforests is resulted by the rainfall, constant cloud over, and transpiration of the leaves. Some larger rainforests contribute to the formation of train clouds, and generates about 75% of their own rain.

The Deforestation of tropical rainforest

Rainforests, being the earth’s greatest biological treasure, are important to us. However, we human being are losing more than half of it now. Unfortunately, in order to have access to resources such as wood, in order to create can be used for other purposes of the tropical rainforest land, deciduous forest and subjected to rapid destruction of today. Now, in the aftermath of the history of the tropical rain forest is the largest and the fastest pace of Habitat change and species extinction.

Deforestation increases the amount of carbon dioxide and other pollutions in the atmosphere. The environmental experts estimated that we are losing 138 plants, insect species and animals in every single day due to rainforest deforestation.

The importance of tropical rainforest:

Regulating climate features: Rainforest will absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, oxygen on Earth by 40% of the total, are transmitted through the tropical rainforest in the Amazon area. Tropical rainforest is only a small surface of the Earth, yet it is influence of the air that we breathe and climate in the world. For instance, plants and trees in the manufacture of food will absorb CO2 and release oxygen, but humans and other animals and plants that depend on this oxygen to breathe. Therefore, the tropical rainforest is playing a very important role to make a balance in the maintenance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. But today the human multitude fossil fuels, a large number of harvested wood, resulting in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations increase in allows incoming solar radiation, the Earth’s surface is then reflected out of the cumulative heat is the average global temperature rise, causing serious “greenhouse effect”.

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Rainforest can regulation regional rainfall, it is like a giant sponge, during rain, trees absorbed most of the moisture, the moisture absorption by root to the leaf surface to allow water to water vapor forms released into the air. After the water vapor formed a cloud, then become rains, rain formation brings the life to the arid place. If the rainforest is felled, cloud formation and precipitation will also decrease; so many places there will be loss of drought and crop harvest.

The impact of climate

The destruction of tropical rainforest will cause global climate changes, as mentioned earlier, the forest will absorb carbon dioxide, and emit oxygen, when rainforest felled, earth will lose this functionality, and increased concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere make the greenhouse effect, which causing the lower atmosphere global average warming 1.5-3 ° c, the Arctic region is warmer. In addition to regulating the climate, forests increased rainfall, loss of forests is also drought will happen.

people should wake up, think about tropical rainforests is not just for themselves, but for other species and resources can make a sustainable living on earth, so we should make some action to protect our rainforest: for example, the government can establishment of a national park or national scenic area, protected flora and fauna, or act may be more stringent, control valve forest activities. And the most important is educate people, instill ecological knowledge, let us understand that the protection of tropical rainforests. For individual, people avoid the use the wood products as far as possible. Also, encouraged to use of recycled products and support for environmental protection.


Tropical rainforests are important resources that could not be replaced. By destroying the tropical rainforests, we are destroying the ecosystem and environment, which in turn threaten the human species ourselves. Laws should be enforced to help in the preservation of tropical rainforests.


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