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Advantages Of The Recycling Process

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As the word “recycling” denotes to, it involves a process in which used materials are processed chemically or by a scientific processes or organically into new products for further use, which comes as the useful material out of the waste. There are many kinds of recycling process being initiated, be it paper recycling, plastic recycling, garbage recycling, to name a few among the common features of recycling process involved. The need that arises to recycle used material and products, be it plastics, garbage’s etc is significant in a sense given that environmental concerns and the impact of used material to be precise has had a detrimental effect on the environment. Environmentalists are very much in favor of the recycling concepts, given that it adds ups to the environmental cause and the benefits are tremendous.

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There are many advantages of the recycling process involved for material or any matter thereof. The significance and importance of recycling process also cannot just be sided apart and brushed inside the carpet. Many prominent personalities and global leader are also very much in favor of recycling concepts and measures initiated in that regard. To top it all, with scientific and technological advancement, the process of recycling also have been made easier and convenient enough to derive the best out of every measured undertaken and in a sense to produce fresh material out of the material already in use. The cost involved also is lesser with long term benefits; ecologically that is initiated through sustainable measures.

Purpose and Issue

The subject matter in generic when it concern to recycling is a huge avenue to explore upon, literally. There are bundles of materials and coverage that defines the many faces of recycling process, its advantages, disadvantages, significance and all in between the feature that stand aloof from the ordinary. What is particular to recycling can be analyzed from different lenses. Generally, recycling has a greater impact today than ever before. The subject matter of its discussion and pointer for arguments also is a heated topic, either in the academic, political and environmental groups and their circles. Emphasizing in respect of the subject matter in discussion, it should be clarified herein that the purpose of this report is to define the many aspects of recycling in general and what makes it so important and significant in the contemporary world today.

Issue that is interrelated to the subject matter also can be analyzed from an objective perspective. Take for instance the concern being raised for garbage and waste disposal that are generated and garbage management process involved that harms the environment and its surrounding. In another instance, question that also arises can be bracketed towards material and products that are being used haphazardly and disposed off unnecessarily. Yet there is every purpose to be identified that may be significant to counterview the essence of recycling, and everything involved in it.

In that capacity and in context of recycling in general, the question and purpose of this report is to define and extrapolate the following questions in general as can be summarized below:-

What defines the nature and significance of recycling in general?

How can recycling be achieved for its designated purpose and benefits to be generated in that regard?

Does the question of recycling in general readily register with the public domains? If that is the case then how, and why not if it is otherwise?

Does recycling takes shapes only from the environmental concern being raised in the materialistic world that we live in? Above all, what are the features in substance involving recycling?

How are recycling process achieved, and what are the different aspects of recycling?

In general, and in particular to this question, recycling can be of many different types. Take for instance paper recycling, plastic recycling, e-material waste recycling to name a few among its class, which involves different tactics and scientific process involved to achieve the desired goals of recycling as a measure for environmental benefits.

Considering these question in general, it should be clarified that this report attempts to extrapolate the many aspects of recycling process in general in consideration of the above-mentioned question, which is discussed as follows.

Defining the Nature and Significance of Recycling

Looking back as to where recycling and its concepts originated is hard to trace and is based on speculation, although people have been recycling material and products one or the other way since longtime back. And the concept of recycling is not a new altogether. But its impact and that which register readily with the public is felt with greater force in the contemporary context.

To start with in this regard specific to this part of the discussion, experts and scholars are of the opinion that “nature possesses a tremendous capacity to recycle several categories of waste by biodegradation aided by decomposer organism on earth.” (Rajiv K. Sinha, 2008, p. 43) This is true in a sense, given that recycling process at best can be aided by the process of biodegradation.

Yet there are certain things that biodegradations at times make it hard to reach the salient objective of recycling processes, that also for certain material and products and that which calls for technology and scientific advancement. Nonetheless, with scientific and technological advancements today, recycling process can be aided and facilitated accordingly in reaping the results that has a greater impact to make a change and stabilize the negative effects of waste materials that are generated daily in huge capacity by people across the globe and their activities.

Going back to the nature of recycling, it should be looked into the encompassing facts that “several municipal and as well as solid industrial waste have the potential to be recycled, where the call of the time is for appropriate technology. The good news although is that new technique are being maximized considerably to make the recycling process worth enough in recovering materials that maybe useful for further use after processing, rather than going to the landfill.” (Rajiv K. Sinha, 2008, p. 43) In this respect, we can reason that recycling process has a greater significance than ever before. As a matter of fact, people around the globe today also are harnessing the best out of what technology has to offer and making the best use of it to recycle waste products and garbage’s into some useful materials as byproducts.

Moreover, a point to consider again when it matter to recycling concepts in general is that its impact and awareness is being felt greatly in the current scenario. Add to it, the good news is that “the growth for market for many classes of recycling material is due in part due to policy incentives, but also to more general conditions.” (OECD, 2006, p. 11)

Questions being raised by policy makers and environmentalist alike when it concerns the environment also counter point the salient instance for recycling and its initiative. The need to facilitate a habitual cause showered a way as well to be precise, where recycling and its processes is the call of the hour as an urgent measure to keep the environment in check from distracting elements.

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In context of the above notion and its arguments, what we can reason again is the fact that “many cases and causes of recycling and its development process take roots under instances and measures initiated by public authority for a solution that seeks and attempts to reach a conclusion that is beneficial,” (OECD, 2006, p. 11) for the environment, the society and feeding the ever increasing needs of the materialistic society that we live in today. To conclude in this regard, attending to the need of the society for material and products can be reasoned again to be good enough to be reached through recycling process, where waste materials are processed as byproducts, either be it for paper, e-waste, garbage’s etc through measures wherein recycling assist and further expands the very notion of ecological measures and sustainable development process in the contemporary society today.

Environmental Concerns and the many face of Recycling

In each and every instance when it matter to the subject matter arguments, environmental concerns and its features have always make a mark to claims a place of contention in between to derive astonishing discussion in the society. Measure initiated accordingly and in respect to derive best available solutions towards the hazard of waste material is also one pointer to put into force for a constructive solution through recycling processes.

In respect of the abovementioned pointer, the need for recycling also can be looked again not only to the environmental concerns alone, but also towards public health and safety in regard. The best example in that capacity also can be emphasized and measured in contention towards industrial waste such as “chemicals and their source activity that posit greater hazards” (DIANEPublishingCompany, 1996, p. 33) to the environment as well to the society and public health in the forms of “insecticides, herbicides, chemical paints, waste and harmful construction materials, waste oils, which carry within them a residue that is harmful and can impact the environment negatively in many ways.” (DIANEPublishingCompany, 1996, p. 33)

Hence, concerns being raised are not unnecessarily. The objective to define the features of recycling also can be put into force the practicality of the process involved overall in seeking a solution that is effective ad has greater benefits for the society today.

What have been the crucial development that brought about the necessary measures in context of recycling processes are the features that relates towards waste material management itself and the concern being raised and options available in that regard.

There is every point to note the fact from “an ecological perspective, wherein the concerns have been over the effect of human actions on the environment,” (Robert V. Percival, 1997, p. 3) which is a matter of fact. Increasing human activities in the societies have brought about many changes that have impacted the environment drastically. Moreover, waste that are generated daily that amount to millions of tons are finding it hard to find a landfill. The sad state is that the materialistic world that we live in further makes the issue of waste and its generation worse in a sense. It’s something that goes like the adage “something lost in translation.” Yet solutions are there, but with least effect given the development stages and ever increasing wants of humans.

Considering these crucial aspects and the critical issue of waste and its environmental impact, the questions that can be been raised again as a matter of fact is where to put up all the waste material generated daily apart from the recycling process for certain waste materials. The hard fact is that people and the society today have found themselves in situations where it reached a stage of “declining of landfills, wherein the features of it reflect many factors in context of recycling as a necessary measure to be undertaken. To top it all, the fact that is relevant also can be emphasized again to the question and its arguments being raised to many aspects of waste material and garbage’s landfills that have been closed as they pose unacceptable environmental risks related to locations, designs, operations and most importantly because such landfills have filled up,” (Richard A. Denison, 1990, p. 4) where a solution to such concern and problems are being initiated in context of recycling waste and other materials for a solution that also facilitate an environmental cause.

Yet the development process in that regard is heading in a snail pace, despite the many measure being taken towards environmental concerns and the need for recycling for a lasting and relevant solution.

An Exemplification of Recycling Types and their Benefits

In general and looking at the concerns being raised towards waste material, we are of the opinion that there are many forms and formats of recycling processes and their types to differentiate upon. Take for example recycling process initiated toward paper, plastic, e-waste, metals and glasses and the environmental benefits that can be derived to be precise in each one of it.

Plastic as we know of are one of the many hazards that’s posits harmful and negative ecological impact. Take for example the fact that “it would be hard to imagine a modern society today without plastic, given that plastic have found itself a place in myriad uses in fields as diverse as home appliances, construction, medicines, and packaging,” (Goodship, 2007, p. 5) to name a few of its many uses that human cannot do away with or without. Hence the effect of its waste on the environment is also greater, and posits many risks and health concerns. As a matter of fact, the benefits from recycled plastic to be precise are tremendous. “Generally, plastic are made from crude oil, hence recycling of plastic waste material further assist in conserving the natural resource in the form of crude oil,” (Goodship, 2007, p. 5) feels experts.

Looking back to this notion and reflecting the measure being initiated, we are of the opinion that the need for appropriate technology always make a mark to claim a place in instances as detailed above, given that “several municipal and industrial waste has the potential to be recycled and processed for further use, and in that respect the need of the hour is appropriate technology for recycling, each one the suits specific purpose.” (Rajiv K. Sinha, 2008, p. 43)

To cite an example again when it concern to recycling; especially paper recycling, we are of the opinion that “paper recycling and the benefits of it can be measured in great many ways, given that out of new paper, hard cardboard, and other high grade paper that are recycled, by products can be generated in the form of new material that are recovered by the application of available technology for use again in the most effective way.” (Rajiv K. Sinha, 2008, p. 44)

Besides, out of paper recycling to be precise and the endeavor made and facilitated in that regard as well, many environmental causes can be kept at check or minimize the same in the most effective ways. The means to look for new paper also does not arise, if cases such as recycling of paper make readily available material for use that can be generated through recycling process.


What we can finally conclude is that technology, scientific, biological and chemical process comes as the best measure to be reached for each particular recycling measures initiated towards waste materials for a benefit outcomes.

Going back and reflecting towards recycling altogether, and reaching a conclusion from an economic perspective, there is reason enough to reflect and to emphasized with the fact that recycling process of any given waste materials “has value additions, given that waste has a negative economic and environmental value, and also add up as a big techno-economic problem for the society.” (Rajiv K. Sinha, 2008, p. 41) Yet a point to note and the hard fact is that recycling and awareness measure initiated in that regard is good instance considering the issue at stake in aiding and furthering the essence and quality of life in the society for a sustainable solutions.


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