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Concept of Mechatronics Engineering

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Mechatronics Engineering

The main concept of Mechatronics is to be work smartly-not hardly and achieve huge results in little time. Mechatronics can be described in many ways. It is combined with mechanics and working with precision engineering, sensor technology, actuator technology, computer science, control theory and sensor technology. Mechatronics is also combined with molecular engineering, control engineering and electronics. These all combination of Mechatronics develops reliable and versatile system. Mechatronics is linked with many topics such as motion control, intelligent control, vibration and noise control, macro device, etc.

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Mechatronics Today

According to the requirement of Mechatronics, it blows up in all over world. Not only shrinking global market contributed major role for growing Mechatronics Engineering but also demand for reliable product and cost effective product played effective role. Every company want to develop more and more new technologies for manufacturing and designing their products. Mechatronics provides competitive product properties, quickly reaction to change, and reduced product cycle that are sheer necessities for every company.

During the blending with electronics and mechanics, Mechatronics lets in two more technologies that are software technology and information technology. Mechatronics mixes new technologies with present technology for achieving good quality and more products. In last decade engineers used their own theory to solve the problem which is related to Mechatronics, but in present time engineers use different type of tools.

Future of Mechatronics

Whenever new ideas will come to know in this field then new technology will develop and Mechatronics will take many forward steps in this world. Mechatronics will helpful for robotics industry. It will provide accountability, control, efficiency and productivity. Robotics technology must have low margins and low cost error because it is a master and dangerous task to develop any robot without any error. Robotics provides luxurious facility to all companies in their plants. Medical field is one of the fields in which Mechatronics will contribute vitally. (Mechatronics in present and in future)

Two Major Changes or Development in Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics with Wind Power

Changing wind force into mechanical power is very useful for human beings. Human has been trying to use this energy since ninth century. In past days human used this power for grinding of grains. In those days they did not know about the pumping of water using this energy. Now many countries know about this mechanism therefore many countries are producing energy or electricity by updating the technology.

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In early days we don’t know about plantation near waterways so we could get mechanical power using water wheel after conversion of water flow. This is the root of present motion control. All electronics technologies which were parallel to mechanical system combined together that’s why Mechatronics Engineering came to know in this world. Water and wind power provided more power in comparison of steam engine of watt, still many inventions lies on the huge technology challenges. It all depends on the imagination and creativity of engineers.

Mechatronics with Transportation

Transportation is also a big challenge for Mechatronics. We have been seeing many vehicle solutions such as hydraulic vehicle, pneumatic vehicle and electric vehicle those are using as different transportation. Many companies are developing electric buses for public conveyance. These electric buses have speciality that these are totally hybrid and pure electric buses. These buses are required more interior space for batteries and methanol converter. (Changes or Developments)


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