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The Plagiarism Laws In The UK Education Essay

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Wordcount: 1370 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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1. Introduction

Plagiarism is robbery of words. A burglar doesnt have to break into peoples house to steal some of their most precious belongings. Even if a plagiarist takes the words of someone else who had written and passes them off as his or her own, could be an act of robbery of an unique creation, the fruit of the writer’s hard work.

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As we know when we enter a word “plagiarism” in Internet we find almost 100,000 links to know the purpose of plagiarism, is a severe issue for writers, lawyers, authors, publishers, teachers, and students. Why should students think about? So what happens if a student downloads a piece of writing and hands it inside the same as his or her own.

What is plagiarism?

The word plagiarism must be important because it can change ones future and it is captivating of someone’s ideas, or writings, and submitting as their own. When a student is given an assignment they have the good intentions of doing it and not plagiarizing, but at times they get so besieged with the assignment leads to plagiarize.

Defining plagiarism

Definitions may be different but the central theme is copying from other sources

Harvard’s Writing with Sources Manual states – “passing off a source’s information, ideas, or words as your own by omitting to cite them; an act of lying, cheating, and stealing.”

At UNC, plagiarism is “the deliberate or reckless representation of another’s word, thoughts, or ideas as one’s own without attribution about submission of academic work, whether graded or otherwise.” (Instrument of Student Judicial Governance,) Because it is considered a form of cheating, the Office of the Dean of Students can punish students who plagiarize with course failure and suspension.

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines the act of plagiarism as:”To steal and pass off the ideas or words of another as one’s own”. Plagiarism is “a piece of writing that has been copied from someone else and is presented as being your own work.”

2. Results or findings

Cost of plagiarism

The WIPO “world intellectual property organization “stealing of intellectual creation of mind is illegal according to the intellectual property law. The plagiarism laws are there to protect the intellectual ideas. The copyrights are given to the author only (1). If once caught in plagiarizing, not only you will be removed from course and institution, even you may never able to study. “143 university students in the UK were expelled in 2007 for plagiarism offences”. (2)

Forms of plagiarism

On purpose plagiarism: it states that using of someone’s work for time since his/her own work

Paraphrasing: basically when we read texts we write few points and change the words, put it in quotes and documents and submit to tutor. If once tutor started reading the task and ends that you have just copied from a book which I have already read it earlier. This type of plagiarism can be done on purpose and it will not work.

Patchwork paraphrasing: this is similar to above types because as we read more books and form points and patch them together could be easily detectable, unfair and can be Accomplice by online plagiarism

Bluffing: Reading texts, picking few phrases and writing them different are in fact the same leads to bluffing because you are using thoughts of owner to fool others as you are familiar.

Stitching sources: when complete task is mentioned correctly and cited even then student needs to develop analytical skills because they need to produce work truly as their own. So this is still plagiarism due to inexperience. The following picture states information about forms of plagiarism.

All these types of plagiarism should be avoided at all cost lesser or greater.

3. Discussions

Methods of awareness:

Why student committed to plagiarism: Many of the students are committed plagiarism because of improper time management or fear about the language and writing skills, poor knowledge regarding the subject. Some of us having thrill about breaking the rules and unawareness towards the assignments and most of them causes by laziness.

Educate you self about plagiarism: Copying a text from the Internet or online or e database will have the important text and type of cite that we are using for academic research papers that are estimated. If you get a well-written essay without one quote it may be unoriginal and states that it had copied from an e source.

The process of Cutting- pasting to produce a paper from several sources leads to a high standard than the conclusion and introduction, because the introduction and conclusion are frequently written by a student. Improper citation is also Leads to plagiarism because of some students copy the text from Internet and shows the matter into quotations by giving wrong references.

Benefits of citing the source: By citing the source first you go through it and understand it properly then write it into your own worlds and mention the source at the end of the words. This improves the critical way of thinking and ability to build our confidence.

Methods of prevention:

First make clear of what assignment we need to do and then start collecting requirements and materials and old documents that support your assignment. At the times write down references and get suggestions from tutors and mark the points mentioned.

Start working on paper because paper work gives a lot of experience what exactly we need to document. Finally write the document with mentioning references and document in an easy understandable way.

Methods of detection:

Before to start working with assignments first find the appropriate source for referencing and arrange the matter according to the way that you studied. Other method is to detect the plagiarism by some software’s that are available to detect.

Download the software and submit your paper into the respective link. Then it will display how much you copied from Website with exact location where you copied.

How to avoid plagiarism:

Plagiarism is avoided by the following four methods. They are,

Effective note taking habits, before you start doing assignment write down the reference site addresses and books that are useful to your work. Instead of copying the documents read and write the summary of the page.

If you want to copy the texts from the site then copy it but mentioned in quotations. Otherwise use coding symbols or different color marks.

If you want to copy some author’s information show the part into quotations. And mentioned the author and publishing details and with page numbers at the end of the sentence.

The content which you want to be written into source prepare it in your own words, but reference is necessary.

4. Conclusion and recommendation

As stated that plagiarism is a rising problem in schools, colleges and universities by students cheating in some way during academic career. “It is true plagiarism is sometimes ignored by academic institutions because students mean money and in the current financial climate, no-one wants to lose students”. This doesn’t mean that plagiarism is okay even your academic body doesn’t understand it. Plagiarism finally states never fool yourself.

The fear of plagiarism is that need to understand the difference among discussion and copying and follow the rules very strictly. It is possible to avoid plagiarism by using resources effectively like use of tutor’s, presentations, reading essays and textbooks and Internet.

Cheating is not crime However, you should be conscious when caught in plagiarizing ultimately, no-one gains from it because it would be worthless of the belief in academic institution.

There is an old saying that ‘cheats never prosper’ and however you may try to persuade yourself otherwise, it’s true!


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