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The Internet And Effects On Higher Education

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Wordcount: 1530 words Published: 28th Apr 2017

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The effects of internet and information technology on higher education have produced significant of reaching change in the way how university deliver education. It has become a very indispensable part of our education. We can also get any kind of information related to subject as well as learning new words and meanings. Today our education is incomplete without internet and information technology.

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Technology plays a very vital role in all levels of education today. Technology has made education more colourful and entertaining. In today`s world everyone needs to be able to understand and use a computer. Almost every job requires the use of some form of technology. Therefore a teacher should be using and teaching technology in every class and every subject. Many years education has been provided in classroom or on campers worldwide but there has been a change to the conventional method of classroom learning with the advancements in technology. Technology is a huge step for the education of today`s student. We can take admission in all professional courses by the internet. Internet is an immense source of information of every kind and it can be useful for us in all different studies. It has become a very useful tool in assisting many students in their education. It is a great impact on the teaching method of today and a teacher can also get a lot of information about their subject as well as various techniques in the teaching via the internet. It is faster and helps us in our work without any error. Over the past few years, computers have become a vastly popular house hold item. It used only for emailing, news and check for weather by via internet. In today’s age internet is used in every aspect of life.

Distant education is possible by the technology. Lectures and trainings can be now given through by video lectures and even technology has resulted in information of sophisticated labs through which practical education is now made possible. For example video conferencing technology is helping to make quality education accessible to rural communities and provide alternative learning environment to those who have not found success in traditional schooling. It is not important to get any study visa because by internet we can complete our study and get a foreign degree. The internet provides the opportunity for people who live anywhere in the world to get access to quality educational services from the comfort of their home. Distance learning education takes place when the teacher and students are separated from one another due to their physical location and technology is used to communicate between teachers and students. They can submit any assignment and also communicate with other countries students. There are other advantages too for students to complete home studies for example fulltime working parents who need to work for a living and still can further their education from home via the internet. Also some students take a break from studying and later on in life can also complete their higher education via internet education.

The internet allows you to have got to educational opportunity on your schedule and time. Online courses usually do not require particular text books because it can provide many sort of visual materials via internet. In fact text books are very expensive for students and by taking online courses it might be more cost efficient than taking conventional courses. Furthermore online education gives great opportunity those who cannot attend ordinary classes because of physical problems. Moreover online study is better when class is large. In large class interaction between the students and teacher is really rare, where teacher cannot give proper one to one attention on the students. Today many school and universities have internet on their computer’s to support their activities and some of them have their own websites to make the communication between students with their schools to become easier. School, collages and university can how share information which can lead to higher standards in education and resources. Now online education is fairly new and research on it is up to date.

The internet is a wonderful new tool for current generation of students. We can gain wealth of information in one place rather than the need to visit various libraries. It has become a very useful tool in assisting many students in their education. We can find lots of information related our study subjects from different websites like google, yahoo. We can use new vocalbary words in our studies. For example there is a unique chance to establish efficient and up to date system of education and training relying on the new achievement of information technology. Moreover the emerging of the global market of education is giving to materials and delivery systems. The Internet is an accessible and convenient source of information, which can be used for all types of education. Almost everywhere where a computer and a communication line we can have an Internet connection and be in touch with different source of information. In addition, the distance from the college or university cannot be an obstacle. Moreover, by Internet we would be able to learn at any time we want. In a lecture if we miss a part we can go back and review the missing part of any lecture. The Internet provides up-to-date information on a variety of classroom-related topics unavailable from other sources. The content of textbook, library, and teacher knowledge is enhanced by this new medium.

We can do every research related to our study to help of the internet. We can gather all required like data. For example any student of history they do not need to go different places for his or her research while help of internet they can easily complete their research just sit one place. Use of different virtual graphics or animations in Internet can provide us an easier way to understand some complicated processes, example for what is happening in the centre of the earth, earthquake or how a protein can be synthesized inside of earth.

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The Down side of technology is that it can be very distracting even though students say they can multi task, which very few people can actually do their brain is not working on its full potential on the work or task at hand. Sometimes information that is provided on the internet can be false or bias and often students believe the information. The effects of internet on three major fields in life are, it has an effect on health especially psychological. It can also affect our work and education because we cannot concentrate on equally either our work or study. It can separate an individual from his real life. There are lots of features in Internet that can help us an effective and better way of learning.

There is a gap for certain people and the reason for this is not everyone has easy access to the internet compared to others who live in the other parts of the world. There is a situation in certain developing countries as not all people are able to use internet or afford to use the internet due to the lack of their income level and lack of technological infrastructure. The other downside to internet study is that we cannot discuss any points face to face as interactions with other peers and the teacher are only based in classes. Sometimes students desire the immediate feedback from the teacher which they will not be able to get online whereas in class a simple homework and test problems can be resolved one by one easily with the teacher however online that option is not available. If students wish to complete online education then they don’t get the opportunity enjoy the student life. A disadvantage for educators may consider this to be an information overload on the internet, With all of the information available to students, they may find it difficult to choose which information is most important to a topic and also when to stop looking. In addition, the validity of Internet sources varies considerably from website to website, which means students can very easily acquire inaccurate or out-dated information online.

So the conclusion all this is that the internet is very accessible and convenient than our traditional style of education, as there are allot more possibilities to learn anywhere at any time and any place. Moreover, there are lots of features in Internet that can help us to develop a better understanding of different materials in which we can study. In addition, by minimising the physical distance the Internet can help other people to have opportunity for a better education and higher quality of life, no matter where. The use of internet education can ensure that anyone can at any age complete their studies or continue with the higher education without there being a barrier in life to stop them. Which would then not only better a student’s life moving forward but also securing their future and their family’s future to?


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