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Personal Management Skills Analysis

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The term personal skill put forwarded to me something more than the active of certain characteristic for example communication, taking responsibility, being competent of working with others, decision making, negotiating and problem solving, because some others point of view is “personal skill are related to a person’s natural abilities” Sally Dench (1997). I am personally disagreeing with this statement that I believe personal skill can be developed and built on.

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However, whatever it is my concern is not what I have to be exhibit good personal skills, rather than apprehend about recognizing my hidden personal skills, qualities, values and interests which will assist me to towards achieving goals and appropriate work contexts related to skills that I have already acquired in the past ‘A’ Level, ‘O’ Level and last two years that I have been acquired along with BA (Hons) Degree. I have attached all of my entire transcripts in the back page as evidence that I have achieved all those skills through my entire education. Some of the subjects that I did very well shown in table:

Personal Traits and Characteristics:

To recognize my characteristics I have done several personality test and psychometric tests such as MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), Belbins test, Juhari Window, the Enneagram personality test, Critical Thinking Test (66%), Blanchard Leadership score test (Supporting), Holland Codes and Honey & Mumford learning style; some important and leading traits and characteristics are:

Personal Audit:





Accomplished Management Skill

Classified Research Skill

Installed Technical Skill

Influenced Communication Skill





Cricket Sport

Listening Music


Work Alone

Work Overpressure

(However, taken as Influenced, helpful, and hardworking)

I do consider all the tests that I have done it has made me known about my actual characteristics also I believe on the outcome because the evidence can be, when I was doing MBTI test I came up with same personality traits as the outcome of Juhari Window and Holland Codes.

Values and Qualities:

According to my personal audit, my values are mainly concerned Independence, Friendship, Work alone, and work in under pressure. My qualities that I precedence are Willingness, helpful to others, responsive, and friendly. Those qualities and behaviour that I have identified are fairly exists with my general shapes and nature of my personal behaviour. However, according to my values and qualities in the current Phase of my life I would put myself in the social stage of Maslow’s Hierarchy, consequently according to Holland codes test has also evaluated same traits that my social skills is highly priorities.


Figure : Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Source: http://www.abraham-maslow.com/m_motivation/Hierarchy_of_Needs.asp

SWOT Analysis:

Though I have been illustrating and give reasoning about those personality traits, values and quality with agreeing different tests that carried out, but still question remain in a way that which characteristics, values and qualities can be justify highly important for me? In what way may assured those test result wasn’t consequences each other? However to rationalized, Strengths, Weaknesses and substantiate all the characteristics, values and qualities more closely I have conducted a 360* feedback reports with taking reaction from myself and others who have been experienced me since Childhood (family members). Feedback questionnaire and report have attached as evidence.

Figure : 360* Feedback (concept from Yukl, G and Lepsinger, R. -1995)


Md Abdul Hai Haroon:

Hossain Ahmed Suman

Hence, the feedback has identified there are some dissimilarities between my point of views and others. For example, everyone agreed with me that I am introvert, helpful, friendly, shy characteristics, have research skill, IT Skill, activist learner, co-ordinator, and performed in overpressure; unlikely was social, Judging mind (critical thinking), have influenced communication skill, and willing. Though all those characteristics, skill, values and quality was evaluated by different tests in a highest priorities, but according to feedback at least five options haven’t matched. Therefore, the SWOT analysis has carried out (evidence attached) on the basis on build up creative, matching and converting strategies to take advantage of strengths, utilize and exploit from each opportunity, and capitalizing my strength to contain the weaknesses towards to come across my career goals and aspirations. For example one of my highly ranked weakness is I am introvert, thus I need to improve in relation to be creative, out of box thinking, long term friendship, and flexible. One of my opportunities is IT skill that I need to use it towards my carrier in a way to surpass my performance.

Personal Aspirations Review:

Complete my degree and pursue my master in research methods in psychology

Highest Need:


Attain my aspiration being a successful researcher

Highest Need:

Self-ActualizationOccupational or carrier aspiration consign to individual’s wish for future employment. Alois Stutzer (2003) describe in the journal of role of income aspirations in individual happiness as “peoples individual aspirations are related to two consumptions” are income aspirations and individual happiness aspirations. To me the personal aspiration has always been cornerstone of my future to be “researcher” basis on my personal interest. However, my personal aspirations are as follows:

Attain my aspiration being a successful researcher

Figure : My Personal Aspirations

The achievement that I have done already so far:

Carrying on undergraduate degree in business management course with having excellent result towards to achieve my aspiration in research carrier adjust.

I have critical thinking knowledge and IT Skill to present information visually and word processing, effective writing skill, for conducting interview often require gracious skills which can evidence that I have inspiring and recognition teachers feedback and tests that I have done.

Figure : Strategies to achieve my aspiration

After assessing various management tools, tests and models (force field analysis, PEST and SWOT and profit and loss account) as look upon in job specific requirement I need to be carry on more education qualifications. As shown in figure 2 that my current skills and being a researcher require skill almost match. The possible external forces also could affect my career plan shown in figure 5.

Figure : PEST Analysis in my Career Planning

Labour Market Review:

Opportunity for skill use refers to in both level to which a job allows existing skill and develops new ones. It is quit irrelevant that job seeking in researcher occupational level in young age, but job available, opportunity and requirement in the research field is significant to analyse in current situation. Graduate labour market is becoming more and more diverse and scrappy, even job are also becoming more demandable. In central economic survey (CEPR, see CSU, 2000) found that approximately, 30% of the UK graduate were unemployed in 1986 to 1997. Hence, the desire motivation and determination to stick on my career aspiration is necessary.

Figure : Threshold Model

Available at: http://www.call-center.net/motivating-agents.pdf

However, the factors influence in labour market analysed by PESTELE and SWOT attached in portfolio. In CIPD surveys predict that average 67% organizations expect to make vacant in next and within that 71% are private sector. In 2010 14% of organization plan to recruit school level aged 16, 28% again school level aged 18, and less than half 47% intend to recruit graduates. However, there is huge job market for graduates which may advantage according to aspiration.

Figure : Graduate Skill Levels over the past five Years

Available at: http://www.cipd.co.uk/default.cipd

Opportunity for Researcher Career Prospect:

In the journal of graduate employment and underemployment find out that opportunity for skill use and career knowledge amongst current business graduates in rating significantly higher for suitable employed rather than underemployed in relation to those who have five intellectual skills such as critical analysis, research methods, business solving skill, application to new situation, and reflection; furthermore, written communication, literacy, and IT capability were 69% higher opportunity possibility in labour market. However, in this investigation I can hope the career I have chosen there is flourishing future room have been pending.

Figure : Appropriate employed vs. underemployed graduates as function of skill requirements of jobs

And yet, as a evidence for job availability, wages and requirement in Researcher occupation have been attached in portfolio.

Discussion of Aligning between skills/ Aspirations/ current labour market opportunity:

However, the identified current skills, characteristics, values and qualities that I have already and required to successful researcher do match to me. For example I have already critical thinking skill; IT skill; I am judging minded, perseverance & intellectual curiosity (willing), communication skill, and open mindedness (friendly). The necessitate characteristics, skills, values and qualities are creative, should be able to work as a co-ordinator of a team and to get direction, highly motivated individual, persuade communication skill, judging minded, intellectual curiosity, perseverance, honesty, Open-mindedness, IT Skill to present information visually and word processing, effective writing skill, for conducting interview often require gracious skills. Thus, the shortages I found between required skills for to be successful researcher and current skill that I have already is lack of writing skill, creativity, and Trust & Honesty which unknown me and others. However, after completing my degree I will improve my lacking to achieve in this respective field I would take change additional options like education, training, voluntary work and self-employment.


Writing skill, Creativity, Intellectual Curiosity, Trust & Honesty, Choice & selection

Figure : Personal Aspiration and shortages

Farmer (1997) characterizes career aspirations as one of three aspects: career and achievement motivation, mastery motivation and career commitment that influence a person’s determination and achievement in a career. As I already mentioned to aspiring become researcher it’s my personal determination and achievement oriented, therefore, to getting position in existing labour market my concern is not to highly demandable and highly turnover wages incentive, rather than finding a position in way to experience and amplifying my knowledge.

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Current worldwide stress in business and public service, intensifying organizational flexibilities, and job complexity pushing labour market to become competitive vulnerable for job seeker. During the current decades the labour markets have been at the heart of a nexus of three economic progressions: de-industrialization, reorganization of production, and conditions of employment. However, the changing environment has led to companies requiring highly skills, less turnover and relevant qualification are fundamental important. Lazear and Oyer (2004) demonstrated that there are two kinds of smoothness in modern labour markets “ex ante and ex post”. The ex post labour fluidity refer to internal labour market which mean worker are hired into ports-of-entry and senior level place are filled from within. Ex ante fluidity consign to the flexibility of labour markets for workers at the beginning of a carrier. However, in this circumstances my concern will be searching job in the ex ante fluidity consign labour markets. Furthermore, also reason behind to choose and suitable for me to flexibility labour market because the future of the external labour market, firm that hire internally and wages movement will be consistent, shown in figure 10.

Figure : Identification of labour market fluidity (Lazear, E.P. and Oyer, O.- 2004)

Personal Action Plan:

I have summarized my personal action plan to achieve my aspiration in the table format to become a valued Researcher within next 7-10 years time.


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