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The Importance Of Classroom Technology

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Wordcount: 940 words Published: 9th May 2017

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The literature review will discuss the importance of technology use in classroom and its effect on the learning and teaching process. The Influence of technology has its outcome on the development of second language acquisition. Therefore, student responsiveness of learning a second language is clear in a thrived technological classroom. There is different articles such as (ARSLAN, 2008, Bridget Dalton, 2011, Iacob, 2009, Ilknur ISTIFIC, 2011, Iran Dolati, 2012, Sasiwan Potcharapanpong, 2010) would analyzes the correlation between technology environment and language learning and the teacher role in enhancing technology skills. The report will shed light on the transition point of learning English as second language for elementary students with the integration of technology tools and the different use of it to improve the teaching and learning methods. The Influence of adapting technology has on the development of second language acquisition, especially in an Arabic environment. The next five literature reviews will support the importance of integrating technology in teaching.

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Literature Review

The first article which is a study of The Effectiveness of Computer Assisted Classes for English as a Second Language (Iacob, 2009), has been emphasizing the necessity of learning English assisted by technology. The article focused on the use of CALL which emphasizes on the use of technology in teaching English in elementary schools also, the methodology of the study that covered two groups of eight years children. The first group was assigned to use computer in classroom and at their home for about two times a week, while the other one has been taught with the assisted computer at classroom without using it at home. The final result of the study shows the impact of teaching and learning English with using computers, which shows an impressive recognition in learning English in their answer responses.

Next paper underlined the different use of technology, like The eVoc Strategies: 10 Ways to Use Technology to Build Vocabulary (Bridget Dalton, 2011) had shed light on the importance of integrating technology in teaching English vocabulary to improve the students’ storage of vocabulary. The use of technology tools would grasp the student interest to learn. The purpose of this article is to discuss the ten eVoc strategies that would improve vocabulary learning. The article integrated learning with technology in real life experience through active learning strategies would suggest. The paper is goes through the advantage word reference with visual dictionary which helps students to comprehend what they have learned.

Then, the article of An Effective Role of E-Learning Technology for English Language Teaching By Using Meta Communication Actors (Ilknur ISTIFIC, 2011), has highlighted the role of technological program and communication in our life. Teacher has to modify their own technological methodology, especially in teaching a second language. Computer used as a transmission for knowledge into students minds. In furthermore, technology has been used as a tool to develop the cognitive side of the students’ minds. The article clarified that teacher and students can build a virtual learning environment by using web tools to communicate and think critically. It conclude that web technology enhance learning English as a second language and most of curriculum writers revise their curriculum according to the latest technology development.

The discussion in the article of The Perception of English Language Teachers in the Use of Visual Learning Aids (Iran Dolati, 2012), has been focusing on the importance of visual learning aids are becoming more widely used in education and its role in language classroom. The study was happening in Malaysia, in which a second language learner environment and it focused on the use of visual aids technology to learn a second language. The research project shows that teacher who would use visual aids would provide a better learning environment. In addition, it shows the influence of use of visual aids to improve learning and motivate the students.

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It has been discussed in the Implementing a Holistic Teaching in Modern ELT Classes: Using Technology and Integrating Four Skills (ARSLAN, 2008) the importance of integrating technology to improve student skills. It highlighted the effect of computer assisted classroom to sharpen students learning skills. The research discusses the cognitive approach of teaching English with the use of technology in classroom to address different kinds of intelligences. It also pointed that a holistic teaching intertwined with technology environment in which students control over their learning. The paper discussed the effect of CALL in teaching English for second language learners and shed light on the different researches of using computer in classrooms.


The result of the different paper confirmed the intertwined relation between technology and teaching second language learners. Computer plays a significant role in teaching a second language in which creates a virtual learning environment that helps them to think critically and solve problem. At the conclusion, we reached to a realization that computer isn’t used only in computer labs; it is rather used in a daily pace classroom use. Behaviorists believe that online learning cannot provide the same positive learning results as face-to-face learning. Constructivists use discovery learning and critical learning activities which is done synchronously.


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