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Mozarts Cultural Influence In American Culture Cultural Studies Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Cultural Studies
Wordcount: 1020 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Mozart was an artist who explored cultural influences like jazz and was a genius whose classical music purists can not copy. Mozart’s music was well elaborated unlike other artists. It is most notable that his influence on American music was through short stories, piano, band work, literature works and talks (Lawrence and John, 2005). His music in American culture influenced a lot of aspects varying from behavior, moral influence to societal norms. He was not only one of the greatest composers of classical period but also a greatest person of all time. His music has natural flow, irresistible charm that expressed humor and sorrows with both conviction and mastery. His piano playing was brilliant example of high art because many of his piano concertos and later symphonies were ever perfect.

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American culture is considered an oxymoron but people argue that in as much America has wealth, power and stability it lacks moral values. Therefore no one can urge much and criticize American about their way of living, style and culture that has become adopted by many societies in the modern world. America has its own traditional culture including cultural beliefs, customs, eating habits and taboos that exist domestically and others imported through artists’ work and mass media. Actually Mozart’s music contributed to a cultural change in the American society. There are several aspects of American culture some of which are damaging while some had impact in the society. Mozart’s music had some form of contact with American culture which to a larger extent influenced the society positively. Morally, American culture has nothing to offer but a negative influence on society that most teens have adopted in the developing countries.

Influence on culture

Mozart’s Anglophone cultures encouraged English literature and cultural concerns. He concentrated on English translations and film production. Most of his performance on stage was operas in English speaking world. His work revolved around relationships which targeted American society and English composers. Books were written showing importance of living myths in different cultural traditions including the Victorian, Modernist and later Post modernist (Sabine and Wolfgang, 2009). Mozart’s influence on traditional culture created a way of filling the moral vacuum of times. His appointment of court music influenced language culture in American society. Many artists tried to imitate him but could not produce perfect and appreciated work. This was because Mozart had a talent combination of knowledge and skills which came about when he started his piano and band work.

Influence on behavior

These are actions and reactions that took place influenced Mozart’s activities like literature works and short talks. His work was acceptable and evaluated relating to social norms and later regulated by various social control in America. People gained knowledge through his musical work because his music had full of talks, literature work and society influence on American dream. His musical work was meant to impress others on how to improve their lives to better social lives and living standards. He demonstrated how American people can find success and social mobility if they can act and do what others want them to do. His musical work was to encourage others to feel accepted and achieve level of their satisfaction. In short talks, he talked about how a man can strive to find social mobility and beatitude. However the behavioral influence was not easy for the American culture to adopt because many had their own way of life.

Influence on teens and society with celebrities

Most music related activities nowadays is full of celebrities that are a great deal in real life. Mozart’s music influenced celebrities with love scandals, dressing, eating disorders and crazes. Celebrities’ fads and crazes spread like wild fire and many teenagers in America want to become celebrities. Music has been blamed as corruptive to teens’ minds in the America. It is blamed for giving teens only dark images and self defeatist thoughts. Mozart had a way of passing message to teens (Gains, Gaudet and Young, 2005).

Influence on war and music

During the two world wars, there was lack of trust in the government. Jazz Age renewed a search center for kind of cultural ways in the works of modernity writers. Some of the music he sang had permanent niches in American culture. Other composers in America came under influence of jazz which moved to be a kind of a cultural consciousness of the country at large. Mozart was extremely talented and able to cross musical boundaries. His Jazz music had an African American contribution towards world culture not only in the cultural movement but also American period of wars (Sabine and Wolfgang, 2009).

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Mozart’s popular music affected American culture through natural development process. His music was geared towards a pre-teen market while his band was safe, unchallenging and totally unthreatening. In music he talked about world war not only having full of sorrows but also a message of encouragement to the cultural society. In his piano and keyboard work it was hard to determine what roads popular culture will travel down in the best of times under most pleasant of circumstances. Forecasting such metamorphosis was hard under an environment of stress and flux which made it more difficult.


The quantity and diversity of artistic works during his time did not easily match with categories to call for a perfect interpretation. Unlike Mozart, other artists’ lose generalizations because his music was totally appreciated and easily influenced many cultures. His music demonstrated typical characteristics and evident was in music instruments especially on piano and the band. More than in art his literature works came closer to voicing in his century with reason than scientific laws which totally influenced American culture.


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