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Today 3d Graphics Animation Technology Computer Science Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Computer Science
Wordcount: 1874 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Abstract- In this paper a simple study to gain what is today 3D graphic animation technology has been researched. A brief explanation on the history and variety technology of 3D graphics is obtained. The design of 3D animation graphic is explained in introduction section. The inter information of the technology were discussed by referring the available internet sources. The figure of the 3D animation graphics also have been attached in this report.

Index Terms – 3D animation, history, technology.


Nowadays, everything is easy with technology. From now on we are able to sit in our homes and just look at the picture. The 3D animation was added with an extra ZING concept to make the film excitement.

A long time ago, there was no concept of new technology that has developed by any creator. That day, film was used to a boring and animation just use 2D concept. Since the technology has changed, the use of this technology makes everyone enjoyable when watching the movie.

In order to create a 3D computer animation, it is not an easy task. It requires extensive knowledge and technical support. It is recommended that the specialists are competent on creating animated computer graphics. Personal computer is also able to make 3D animations.

To develop this 3D animation, it requires very technologically advanced workstations powered expensive. There are several types of operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux which is the most commonly used. Other equipment, such as motion capture, video capture performance and blue screens are also used to achieve perfection.

History of 3D Computer Animation

The history of 3D computer animation can be traced from inception to commercial use. The first thing is where it was conceived, and then how it eventually wound up in our daily lives.

Since there are many contributors to computer animation, 3D animation is attributed to William Fetter. William Fetter worked for Boeing during the 1960s using computers to animate and design certain models. One of his projects involved making what came to be known as “The Boeing Man.” It was a three-dimensional representation of the human body. After that, it was changed by Fetter using the term “computer graphics.”

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In 1976, Ed Cat mull and Fred Parke involved the use of 3D computer graphics and animation in a movie of “Future world.” In part from the movie, the technology of a human face and hand was animated to visually add a futuristic characteristic to the film. Since the technique has been used in many movies, and become a standard in film, television and video games.

After “Future world,” the world was introduced to “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.” The director George Lucas is applied 3D graphics to not only enhance the atmosphere of the film, but as an integral part of the entire movie. This propelled “special effects” in cinema to new heights. The immense success of “Star Wars” would lead film makers to rely heavily of animation, in particular 3D animation.

The “Toy Story,” technology has advanced 3D animation to become a daily part of American life. It can be seen at everywhere from video games to Internet application. Then, it can even be created using readily available software.

3D computer graphics

3D computer graphics are graphics which use a three-dimensional representation of geometric data. It was stored in the computer to perform calculations and rendering 2D images.

For instant, images may be stored for viewing later or displayed in real-time. Although these differences, 3D computer graphics depend on many of the same algorithms such as 2D computer vector graphics in the wire-frame model. Apart from that, in the final rendered display for 2D computer raster graphics. In computer graphics software, the differences between 2D and 3D is sometimes blurred; 2D applications may use 3D techniques in order to achieve effects such as lighting. Besides, 3D may use 2D rendering techniques.

3D models often offered by 3D computer graphics. Apart from the rendered graphic, the graphical data file is within contained in the model. However, there are some differences on 3D model which is the mathematical representation of any three-dimensional object. Since the graphic still not display, a model is not technically a graphic. A model can be displayed usually as a 3D rendering from the two-dimensional image or used in non-graphical computer simulations and calculations.

Computer animation

Computer animation is one of the arts of creating moving images by using computers. It is a part of computer graphics and animation. 2D computer graphics are still widely used for stylistic, low bandwidth and faster real-time rendering even though 3D has developed crazily worldwide. CGI or Computer-generated imagery or computer-generated imaging is the special use in films.

Virtual entities may have and be controlled by variety of attributes For example, transform values (location, orientation, and scale) stored in an object’s transformation matrix. The attribute over time changes in animation. The 2D or 3D graphics software will put into between key frames, creating an editable curve of a value mapped over time, resulting in animation. Other than that, there is another one method of animation include procedural and expression-based techniques.

In order to create the movement that has the illusion, the image that have been replaced quickly after it was displayed on the computer screen. It was replaced with another new image which is similar to the previous image. This technique is applied in the television and motion pictures for image movement.

Figure: Computer Animation

The modern technology movies

Film is biggest source of entertainment. This are consists a lot of added value in modern movies to attract more people to the theaters. 3D technology has a value in most important for film. In 1844, David Brewster stereoscope is actually help the 3D with photographic images. Then, Louis Duboscq has improved this invention. It is take 3D images of Queen Victoria, and represent the photo to Universal Exhibition in 1851. 3D technology was start in training and this technology is found the way to be the better film.

Now, the application of 3D technology was expand to Hollywood. Beginning at 2000, many studios have full time 3D movie. In 2003, the first film in IMAX 3D was release. It is using the latest technology through the camera system with the latest HD video camera. Thus, the technology is accepted by other Hollywood entertainer.

In 2010, the 3D technology is mentioned. Many great films as “Avatar”, released in 3D format. Thus, it is certain that the coming days is the 3D technology.

CGI Animation

The evolution of 3D graphic design didn’t transform for a very long. But what is CGI animation, exactly?

A decade ago, animators were sketch pictures by using hand. Old method animation consists of a whole animator’s team to draw and color images on “cels” – transparent sheets that were placed on top of a background image for create a multi-layered frame.

Through this, section of an each image could change from frame to frame without the entire picture being redrawn. By manipulating the drawings in each layer from frame to frame, animators would create what many adults today recognize it as the traditional cartoon.

Many movie fans still remember the hype surrounding of old films such as Star Wars, where computer animation was used. The first sections of CGI animation included 2D animation. These simply involved what animators had been doing for decades such creating multiple frames of images on each second to generate the visual effect of animation.

Figure: 2D Animation

The picture below is an example of one such completed animated GIF.

With today’s amazing CPU processing capabilities, computer animators are now able to create a 3 dimensional “model” to start with.

This model is only somewhat like it’s 2D counterpart, except now computers have the ability to not only modify large parts of a 2 dimensional image as “layers” – it can calculate and modify very small sections of an object within a 3D world.

The concept of today’s level of 3D CGI animation is an evolution from basic cartoon animation into a simulated world that seeks to represent realism as accurately as possible.

3D Technology

3D technology is once of computer graphics developers skilled and games using high end software and machine. To create 3D and render the complex mix colors, virtual lighting and textures, workstation needed considerable processing power and memory to make figures appear three dimensional.

Since 3D technology has come a long way, it increasing in the performance but decreasing in cost. PCs are less expensive and more powerful in the pass and can handle better for 3D. The way people to use 3D have begun spread from games to such activities as corporate presentation, web and product design and personal entertainment. PC maker have put 3D acceleration and many types of 3D technology into their entire computer that useful for design and architecture application. This technology is potential developing faster than other desktop computing area.

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3D Games Technology

3D video gaming is coming for 3D games technology, with event of Nintendo showing their new 3D hand held system and Sonny show off 3D video games on PlayStation 3 platform. It’s no surprise 3D eventually can be a part of video games. 3D games will probably make it stand in the next generation of video games because supporting television are too expensive and new just to play their games in 3D.

3D TV Show Technology

3D TV now possible to increased technological development. Now many popular movies at the theater in 3D and it can view 3D TV shows from own house, but this technology possible come without a price. A good opportunity to producing 3D TV show, 3D technology in cameras or in movie making has increase. For countries that use satellite and cable network broadcasting 3D TV show will easy to implementation to wide bandwidth frequency but cannot applied for terrestrial networks. The great news for 3D TV show like ESPN and Discovery Communications are going to launch their 3D TV network.

Future 3D Movie Technology

Future 3D film can be described in famous phrase from movie ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. Another success was touted by Disney 3D film “Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus: Best of Both World Concert Tour”. For 3D high definition are used for animated hit ‘Kung Fu Panda’ at 2008 with the voice of Jack Black. With moving forward the latest technology of 3D film can be classical past indeed a goal and better get 3D glasses and set up home theater soon.


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