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Study About The Micros Opera Reservation System

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Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group is well known as an owner and operator of prestigious hotels in Asia and around the world. Mandarin Oriental Hotel Singapore is a global leader in terms of technology services provided as part of its first-class hospitality. Mandarin Oriental (1), it pays special attention to technologies because there guests demand the most advanced technology services at the hotel. The hotel is planning to introduce new functions in the future while keeping a close watch on the latest Information Technology trends. Mandarin oriental Singapore has the latest and the most advance information technology being used in the hotel industry.

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According to the study and the data gathered which was not an easy job and to clearly mention the proper information about the information technology being used by Mandarin Oriental hotel are Opera reservation system which helps Mandarin Oriental to have a competitive advantage because of its key features and help them to be a key player in the reservation system in the hotel and on the other hand Mandarin oriental is using Micros Point of sale which helps them to be very close to the customers as Point of sale offers a fully integrated solution for Restaurants, Bars, Clubs and Cafes with tools to help you focus more on customers and with technology, from table management through to fast cash transactions.

The other information technology used by the hotel is Open Table Restaurant and Guest management software, Open Table lets us give customers the feeling that, these people know who I am and they care about what I want and what I like and don’t like. The Open Table System really helps us because it allows us to track every customer that comes in. All these information technology used by Mandarin oriental helps them to have good competitive advantage and have a better customer oriented hotel and cater all the customers’ needs, using latest information technology.

All the information gathered, the recommendation would be Micros Opera Reservation System as it’s the advance central reservation system and has lots of key features which make it to have a competitive advantage.

2. Introduction

Mandarin Oriental Hotel is one of the leading five star brands well known for its prestigious hotel in Singapore and around the world. It offers personalized service which is based on two key features “Legendary Service,” and “Sense of Place”. Mandarin Oriental is also a technology leader in five star hospitality industries, with the latest information technologies to achieve a higher level of service. Mandarin Oriental (1).

The goal of Mandarin oriental hotel is to completely delight and satisfy our guests, they are committed to making a difference every day; continually getting better and be the best. Mandarin Oriental (1), Keep the guest happy and satisfied by using the best information technology in the hotel service is the bars, restaurants, in room services, and check in and check out services, all to make guest feel at home, to provide a better deal of service and satisfaction by implementing latest information technology. Mandarin Oriental (1)

Mandarin Oriental Hotel one of leaders in terms of information technology services. There are three kinds of information technology which we are focusing on which helps the hotel to have a competitive advantage.

Opera reservation system used in checking in and checking out the guest even though this is advance system which helps to provide a better service to the guests, has its own key features which helps it to have competitive advantage.

The restaurant (Dolce Vita) is using Micros Point of sale (POS) this technology helps the restaurant to run smooth and in an organized manner even helps them to focus more on customers and with technology. The other system which they are using is Open Table restaurant, this technology helps them to focus on the customers and their needs, demands. It’s an Open Table restaurant and Guest management software.

These kinds of technology helps to pay special attention towards the demands and needs, even though the guest may be from the financial or entertainment industry, as well as guests who are seeking leisure activities. What ever kind of guest all are looking for a better information technology service they can get.

Micros Opera Reservation System (ORS)

The Opera Reservation System (ORS) is one of the most advance reservation system which helps easy check in and check out of the guest. It is major technology used in front line of the hotel. ORS easily handles all types of reservations individual, group, party, company, travel agent, and waitlisted According to the research and study done these are the key features of Opera Reservation System. Opera (2)

Global Perspective: Opera Reservation system supports all kinds of currency and different languages. Room rates and revenues can be easily converted from the local currency to any other currency to make it easy for the guest. ORS is able to support any language depends on the guest profile. All the information needed such as property, room rate can be displayed in different language.

Automatic Rate and Inventory Controls: Opera reservation system lets you set up rate of an individual and for groups. Helps to control inventory and makes inventory management easy and this increases profit. Room rates can be generated on the percentage occupancy. Agents are allowed to use the hotel reservation system to access the best rates for the amount of length of stay order to increase property revenues.

Full Reservation Functionality: When agents are making a booking on the Opera reservation system they can easily do multiple operations such as routing instruction, split charges, shared reservations, frequent flyer and loyalty program memberships, negotiated rates, and discounts. Deposit transactions are transferred to room.

Efficient Searching: Opera reservation system helps to check for availability on other properties and other chain of hotel. ORS makes the search easier just with some criteria such as property name, location, package, attractions and attractions.

Group and Block Features: Managing group and blocking reservations is easy in the Opera reservation system. Room blocking, rooming lists, room sharing, deposits, tour series are handled by Opera reservation system.

Multi-Property Rate Display: Opera reservation system can show rates, room types, and packages for one property and for multiple properties at the same time agents can easily query for different dates when the requested dates are not available.

Benefits: Easy to learn and user-friendly with a good search engine and helps to enhance revenue. Opera reservation system handles deposits and room blocking. Multi-Property itinerary reservations are handled easily.

Global Distribution Interface: Opera reservation system can work together with GDS (Global Distribution System) interface that allows travel agencies to confirm bookings and send the information.

These keys features help Opera reservation system to have competitive advantage and make it really advance software technology used in hotels.


Even though Opera Reservation System is one of the advance reservation system it still has its own draw back, while doing night audit ORS is bit slow. ORS can consume time doing the night audit on the other hand Fidelio is faster.

Micros Point of Sale (POS)

Point of sale is one of the best and better information technology solution which a restaurants, Bars, Clubs and Cafes can have and with tools to help you focus more on customers and with technology, from managing all the tables to fast transactions. Point of sale is helpful to your retail, bar, concierge and snack bars.

Point of sale system software will help you to have a better level of control over your business operations, increasing efficiency, profits. Mandarin oriental restaurant are using the point of sale (Dolce Vita) POS (3)

The most basic Point of sale system consists of:


Cash drawer

Receipt printer



According to all the research and study done POS has its competitive advantage and key features which helps it to be a more efficient than cash register. POS (3)

Requires little training time for the staff

Full-colour touch screen provides fast and easy order entry and guest check features

Built-in multi-language

Personal IDs or magnetic cards, set to control access for people who can make changes quickly

Restaurant managers can change menus and prices

Add or edit employee information and perform other administrative functions.

Quick and easy to install.

Minimum disruption to your business flow.

Reduces labor costs Prevents loss, Inaccurate orders, leading to waste and revenue loss, no order excepted until put in Micros POS.

Eliminate manual errors and helps to see which person has done the mistake so next time he can fix the manual mistake.

Serve guests effectively and therefore creates return customers.

Allows you to make quick price changes and menu changes from any work station.

Accepts major credit cards.


Micros Point of sale is one of the best information technology software, it’s really user friendly and easy to learn on the other hand it has its own drawbacks.

Point of sale some time hangs the system so there is need to be restarting the system and takes time.

Problem in reading damaged magnetic strips

Some times not compatible to some debit cards even they are Visa or MasterCard, from different part of world.

Micros Point of sale

Open Table Restaurant and Guest management.

Open Table give customers the feeling that, these people know who I am and they care about what I want and what I like and don’t like. The Open Table System really helps us because it allows us to track every customer that comes.

A customer may not have been in for eight months but we can still say, “Hello, Mr. Johnson. It’s so nice to see you again. It really helps to have personal service towards the guest and the guest feels obliged towards that kind of service rendered towards him, Open table software helps to do good service with the help of technology towards your customer. With Open Table you don’t have to keep it in your head, it’s all there in front of you and makes your service smooth.

Guests are always impressed that we’re able to recognize them. Open Table improves our guest reservation management process. No matter who takes the reservation, we can now quickly identify regulars. Mandarin Oriental is using Open table as it provides a customized service to its guest.

According to the study done by open table the most booked open table restaurants are: Open table (4)

Morton’s The Steakhouse – Singapore

MELT ~ The World Café

Cherry Garden

Dolce Vita

These restaurants are operating in Mandarin oriental. Open table (5)

The key features that makes Open table have a competitive advantage and makes them a better information technology are

Reservation Management

Easily enter or change reservations while viewing guest histories

Phone numbers, email and mailing addresses

Allow blocking and VIP (seat blocking)

Reduce no-shows with customer tracking (by calling)

Take reservations from your website or Open Table 24 hours a day

Table Management

Maximize capacity management in seating with walk-in and waitlist.

Instantly track covers for more efficient kitchen and server management

Increase table turn according to group sitting choice

Store multiple reservation and special events

Hold and combine tables for large parties

Record and view shift notes for each day

Guest Management

Identify regulars and VIP guests

Customer preferences to meet special requests

View customer reservation histories

Track special occasions such as guest birthdays and anniversaries

Marketing Management

Track and reward concierge business

Accept parking coupons


Open Table restaurant and Guest Management has its key features but has its own drawbacks as well, Open table sometimes hangs the system, whenever there are large functions table assorting is to be done every time to allocate the correct tables to the guest. Changes have to be done before every function according to the covers in the Open Table software.

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6. Recommendations

According to all the research and study done about the information technology used in Mandarin Oriental, the most successful technology used by them is Micros Opera Reservation system as it gives them a competitive advantage and has major key features which help to be the most advance reservation software, OPERA Reservation System a true centrally managed central reservation system. Even tough it has some draw backs but in long run it’s a vital information technology used by the hotel.

7. Conclusions

Micros plays a major role in the information technology today as it has the best and advance information technology and software which helps hotels to be better, be more advance, provide good service which the guest likes to have.

Micros have competitive advantage gained through use of information technology and implementations of information technology system in the hospitality industry make them a market that caters all the different needs of every kind of customer, who needs to be taken care of his or her needs. The technology used by the hotel helps then to gain advantage over their competitors and make them a better place for leisure and business for every person who can relate themselves and their needs.

Even though this information technology has draw backs but in long run they sustain and manage well and help them to get good customer response.


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