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Implementing a Cloud-based Collaborative Solution

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Wordcount: 962 words Published: 18th May 2020

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As an organization grows, it’ll come to a point where it must contemplate whether or not a cloud-based solution will meet their needs and attain the required level of support needed to help the corporation continue to grow. For this assignment, I will be discussing the implementation of a cloud-based collaborative solution for businesses. By definition, a cloud collaboration permits staff to work along together on documents and different information that is kept off-site. This is often done employing a cloud-based collaboration platform used to share, edit and work on comes along (Rouse, 2015).

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For a business to contemplate cloud-based collaborative solution they must consider a number of things before move ahead to implementation. They have to be ready to firmly store and share the information within the cloud. They’re going to need to be able to set permissions and accessibility perimeters for restricted access based on job roles and need to understand data information to ensure security of potentially sensitive information and to guard their clients. It’s necessary to make certain that end users have a clear understanding of the goals of the platform and the way they will gain the foremost out of using the platform. There will need to be coaching given and constant support throughout the conversion. A business must have a backup arranged for just in case of an emergency or system failure, they’re going to need to have a thorough understanding of the disaster recovery aspects of the service that they choose to be able to recover any information from the cloud service that they use. Having the ability to possess confidence within the cloud service to maintain the safety of the data from potential attacks and outside intrusion into the system is one of the primary things an organization ought to consider once considering their choices.  

For most corporations looking into the cloud based collaborative, it’s invariably a priority as to how seamless the transition can go from their current system to a replacement one. “In a survey of 2,438 IT executives and technology decision makers in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, and also the UK, Forrester found that fifty six have moved  or plan to move a number of their enterprise collaboration systems to the cloud.” (C. 2017) The potential cloud solution will have to offer constant support throughout the modification for both the IT department handling the migration and supporting the users. This concern ought to be met with a rigorously planned infrastructure to facilitate modification management and control the variables that come in conjunction with migrating from the present system to a cloud-based one. 

Azendoo designed to help companies reduce the bulk of maintaining “to-do” lists and monitoring active projects. It is a characteristic corporate solution that highlights the importance of efficient team work synchronization, file sharing and project planning as well as communication. With Azendoo, you can share files from desktop, Gmail drive, DropBox and Evernote and also allows real time discussions. Without doubt, this cloud based collaboration solution organizes your work environment and makes optimizes team work activities.

 Monday.com is actually an app designed for smart business communication. It allows team members to work on projects and share information in a central place through streamlined discussions and contributions. Monday.com uses very efficient user navigation reminiscent of modern social media platforms where each team member creates a profile and shares project files and information with one another. Prominent clients include Uber and Universal like NBC.

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Both iPhone and Android applications, platforms are appropriate for companies that range from small businesses to large enterprises. Both companies also offer support for online, training, phone and live support. Both of these platforms offer a large variety of features, there are a few that a business owner needs to be aware of before they subscribe to one or the other.

There are many cloud collaboration solutions in the market and finding one is as effortless as looking up businesses on your favorite browser. However, not all perform exceptionally well. Although no single solution can be identified as the best for every business, since each industry has its unique set of requirements, some offers have attributes that distinguish them from the rest.



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