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Customer Oriented E-Commerce Website

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Task 1: As a IT Project Manager along with Marketing officer you should visit a company “XYZ” to propose them to divert all the activities into IT based. Your proposal report should be SMART and must be follow the following criteria:

* It should identify the project scope, functionality and consumption resources.

* Your proposal should clearly mention the project objective, goal, outcome and time frame.

The key Objective of our project is that it is a customer oriented e-commerce website. People can directly purchase without wasting the time. In today’s hasty world time is a prime factor. People can directly buy Tshirt stuffs and other clothings with the help of our e-commerce portal. This is completely customer based or we can say B2C i.e, Business to Customer. The latest fashion arrival is available on our website with cheaper prices.

GOAL: The Goal of our project is to create an online e-commerce service which is specialised in Tshirt accessories with today’s fashion world. We have our own house and some business tie ups with vendors to sell the t-shirt apparels.

Phase-2: (Project Planning).

Assume that you get this project. IT Manager and Marketing Officer make a plan how the project will complete.

Being the project manager (Simran) I have assigned the work to my dedicated team. My team members (Simran, vipul, Amrit, sukhwinder, Rajwinder). Our complete project will be done by the every members effort. The tasks are divided as per the time frame. During the first week of the project we create a complete layout for the project requirements. The design phase will then be conducted during the second week, In design phase we will create two phases one is customer oriented. Customers can view the products and can purchase online. The second phase of design is accessible by the owner of the site. The owner can edit the products, set the prices and also remove the products or we can say any update he can perform via backend operations. The most important phase i.e., data based will be conducted on the third week. The php my admin will be used for this because of its greater flexibility and availability of code m is easier with this. The connectivity will be done in the next session of the week. Therefore, database connectivity will be done in the 4th week. The fifth week will be of our group meeting in which we will thoroughly revised the project between us and discuss with each and every group member. So that we can get to know any pitfall (if it occurs). Thus the feasibility of our project can be obtained. The sixth week is our submission time domain to our client. We will discuss the project with our client .

TASK 2(LO 1)

2.1 Create a project description (project description should be distinguish between program, sub project and project. Your proposal of the project should be identifies the following criteria:

2.2 Analysis of the project function which include dependencies, IT resources, manpower, time consumption and total cost.

The analysis of our project with respect to dependencies, IT resources, manpower, time consumption and total cost can be defined as below:

Dependencies: The project is designed in html, php, css style. The database is stored in XAMPP.

IT resources: local host , 4 laptops

Manpower: There is a vital role of our entire team behind this project. Contribution of each and every person is reliable and there is manpower of five people is applied for this project. I would like to mention the name of our team members who contributes towards the success of this project.

The resource people are: Simran, Vipul, Amrit, Sukhwinder, Rajwinder .

Time consumption: The total time consumed for the development of this project is almost 6 weeks.

Per week three days are contributed. Each day consist of 8 hours.

Total Cost : The total investment for this project is NZD5000

2.3 Develop a Gantt Chart that must include the following information:

  • Task number and task name
  • Time frames for the completion of each task (start and end dates)
  • Float time to mention the time delay probability between each task
  • Add milestone
  • Successor and predecessor(dependencies)
  • Gantt Chart legend

2.4 Analysis the risk factor and contingency plan to avoid the risk during project period.

The risk factor for this project may be the hardware get crashed, software may be get corrupted.

Lost of data and other important files, People involved in this project may be withdrawal due to their personal issues or may be due to any other reason. The total budget for be project may be detained if investors step back.

The contingency plan to avoid the risk during project period are

For Hardware crash issue, we will consider the additional laptops and other machine. To avoid the software corruption we will use the valid and updated versions of software’s.

2.5 Distribute role and responsibilities among the group member and set the milestone. Use the Waterfall Model (Requirement Analysis, Design, Programming source code, Testing, Documentation) from software development life cycle to categories your task:

Phase-3 (Manage the project)

You should Team leader of your group will be responsible for manage the project.

TASK-3: (LO 5,2,3)

3.1 Develop your project according to the plan.

The project is developed according to the plan.

The Plan of our project is discussed as follows:

Our project is about the E-Commerce website. We are creating a web portal for E-Commerce. Our client business is related to the garments that specialized with T-shirts and shirts. Our project is completely based upon the requirements of our client. We are creating a online E-Commerce website for this. To meet the challenges of today’s scenario of dynamic websites. Our team decided to make this project in HTML, PHP is used for the backend server side programming as its of dynamic nature. We also use local host. And for database we are using PHPMyAdmin.

3.2 Analysis the project status, milestone and project progress rate.

3.3 Make a plan against the project progress and project plan (if any).

The project plan is carried out so that each and every aspect of the project could be run out. The strategies are quite simple and up to the point. During the first day we made a pen and paper layout as per the requirements of our client.

Then we transformed this into the designing structure. The website design was carried out . We used html, CSS, PHP for backend. The database is designed by using PhpMy Admin. This was done in the 2nd and 3rd week.

After this , we implement the design into the running platform and also provide the useful structural approach for this.

The next phase of verification of code was conducted. In this phase each code is run separately and tested accordingly.

3.4 Analysis the risk (manpower, resources) and make a project plan so that project can meet the timeframe.

The risk factors that affect our project can be resources related and manpower related. The people engaged in the project, they may leave the project due to any reason (it might be their personal etc.)

The resources related issue can be caused if any failure may occur that may be related to hardware failure or software failure.

Phase- 4 (Test and Review the final project)

TASK- 4(LO7) You need to keep records of day to day activity of your project. You will maintain a separate journal in which you will enter these daily activities. These activities will range from non-technical to technical activities. The journal will be maintained on an individual basis.

4.1 Use a Microsoft office software (world/excel) to maintain your journal. Put data and name of the day each separate entry.

4.2 You have to keep a record of the Minutes of Meeting which you have held with your client. Use the following format to record the minutes of all meetings:

Project Name

Project Manager

Team Members Attended

Clients Attended

Date and Time


4.3 Create a User Manual document to support your project. This is a separate document. This document will help your client on critical factors, how to use the program and quality of the program. It is necessary to include the following items to complete your user manual:

a) User manual cover sheet

b) Table of contents

c) Introduction

d) System requirements/specifications

e) List of available functions

f) Description of each function detailing the purpose with screen shot and how to use these functions.

g) Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

h) Index and keywords (Glossary)

4.4 (LO6 and LO7):

Prepare a group presentation to demonstrate your project to your client. This will help u=your client to review and propose changes accordingly. Note these proposals as you will making changes to your project after this presentation. Your presentation must cover the following topics:

a) Group members introduction

b) Project Introduction

c) Functions demonstration

d) Question and Answers

e) Conclusion

Each of your group members will be judged for their professional behaviour and actions during the presentation as well as the whole project. You will be judged for.

  • Meeting and greeting:
  • You will be judged on how you meet and greet people related to the project. This will also include your group members. Adopt words like Please and Thank you in your conversation. Avoid words that may be offensive to other people.
  • Appearance: Appearance is an important aspect of this project. You will be assessed on your overall appearance (Avoid casual dressing).
  • Eye contact : Maintain eye contact at all times while delivering your presentation.
  • Organization: You will be appraised on the contribution you have made towards your project. You must always be well prepared and know the progress of your project. Your attendance and punctuality will be a key aspect for this project.
  • Body language:

Your gestures and postures while delivering the presentation will be evaluated.


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