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Application On Blood Donation Using Android Platform

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Computer Science
Wordcount: 1395 words Published: 28th Apr 2017

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Android powers hundreds of millions of mobile devices in more than 190 countries around the world. Its the largest installed base of any mobile platform and growing fast-every day another million user’s power up their Android devices for the first time and start looking for apps, games, and other digital content.

Android gives you a world-class platform for creating apps and games for Android users everywhere, as well as an open marketplace for distributing to them instantly.

Android is revolutionizing the global cell phone market. It’s the first open source mobile application platform.

Android is a Linux based operating system designed primarily for touch screen mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers ,which Google backed financially and later brought in 2005, in collaboration with the open handset alliance. Android is an open source market where user can develop any application and get it publicized in the market. Android market is having approximately 4, 50,000 apps but there is no application available in the android market which motivates the public regarding blood donation.

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There are many factors that have allowed Android to become the world’s most widely used Smartphone platform, overtaking Sembilan in the fourth quarter of 2010, and the software of choice for technology companies who require a low-cost, customizable, lightweight operating system for high tech devices without developing one from scratch. As a result, despite being primarily designed for phones and tablets, it has seen additional applications on televisions, games consoles and other electronics. Android’s open nature has further encouraged a large community of developers and enthusiasts to use the open source code as a foundation for community-driven projects, which add new features for advanced users or bring Android to devices which were officially released running other operating systems.

In this paper we propose algorithm which mainly aims at developing an android application which motivates the youngsters for donating blood and check whether they are eligible for donating or not. This application will serve as an effective tool for creating awareness in public.


Furthermore, we will try to demonstrate with an application that might be used by the people using android phones.


By developing this application, we want to create awareness among the android users and motivate them to help the needful. This application will help the user in all the possible ways helpful in blood donation.

Detailed problem Definition

After a long research we found that there are no apps in the Google play store which motivates the public in donating blood and clearing there misconceptions. We found out that there is a requirement of an application which is helpful for people in many ways. As we all know that donating blood is a good deed but due to some misconceptions people hesitate in donating blood. By going through the applications already available, we found out that all the applications are lacking the feature of connecting the people who are interested in either donating the blood or they urgently require the blood. The main feature of our application is connectivity provided by us. The donors and receivers can contact to each other depending on their needs. Sometimes in urgency u may have thought of any platform from where we can get the details of hospitals, blood banks, important contact numbers and contact numbers of social organizations but we fail to get such an application or platform. We found out that there are apps on internet but they are lacking some of utilities which we had developed in our application.

Solution Methodology

Registering Donors

The one who would be using this application is requested to register for the cause. The process of registration is simple no complex interface is used for the same, everyone is welcome for registration. Even a person can register for other person.

The following fields for registration:


Contact Number


Blood Group

Last Date of Donation

Regular Donor/not



It creates a hub of donors who are available of android.

People who are under age are also welcome for registration for prospective donation. The Process and fields are made simple or possible so that the user should not feel hectic while providing the details.


The secondary utility of this application is to provide the user the details of various hospitals and blood banks. Irrespective of the application usage, if user wants the contact of hospital or blood bank he can easily get.

Efforts are made to provide the nearest hospital and blood bank details with assistance of GPS technology

Bulk Messaging For Camps.

As we know social organizations and NGO’s come in front for organizing blood donation camps at various places with this application we provide another platform for broadcasting about the event.

For this cause, the NGO’s can contact using email or Face book page which is also is also administrated.

About checking the genuine news of the event the registered donor will be send a message automatically. Even if the user is not under donation period he can spread the news to his friends or relatives regarding the blood donation camp.

Motivation and clearing the misconceptions related to blood donation

Our application contains videos and photo albums which plays a very important role in motivating the public. The videos contain motivational quotes and phrases. For clearing the doubts and confusions of the users regarding blood donation, we have created a FAQ section in which all the important questions are displayed. We had also introduced ask questions by using this user can ask questions.

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User Interface of this application asks the user to choose an option by displaying an option menu. Menu includes the various tabs namely registering donors tab, direct link to some hospitals, motivational videos, and social networking links. A very special thing about this application is that it includes FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions) section which is fastest way to clear the doubts of the users. Addition to that, application includes another option through which user can raise his personal questions; the question will be replied by the application administrator at earliest so that the dignity of application is maintained. The interface of the application is made as simple as possible so that even a new user can get familiar to it and use it to full extent.

The On-device view icon of the application looks like:

When the user click the application icon then the second page opens displaying various menu options.

On clicking the first option of the menu that is ABOUT. The following page opens and it contains the details regarding the application.

When the user clicks the registration menu option the following page is displayed which registers the users and save all the details.

When the user clicks on the option “CMC Hospital” it redirected to the CMC’s Blood Bank Homepage.

Motivation videos Option open the following page which contains some motivational videos.

If the User will have any queries regarding our application and its working he can contact the developer/Administrator.


This application will help the android users to get information about blood donation. The need of blood donation and all the queries related to that. We had focused on the productivity of the application by maintaining a database of the donors containing their contact numbers and email ids so that we can make the most of it. We had designed the application in such a way that it helps the user in all possible ways when he or she needs help. If time will permit we will add more features and improve the productivity of the application.

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