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Two Case Studies of Human Resource Management

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A function area that hiring and support staff (eg, providing the administration is responsible for all aspects. Employee benefits, all recruitment activities related to recruitment, training, promotion, separation Retention and staff support . An action within the company that relate to people in order to make effective use of human resources, organizational performance assessment of human resource needs, to find people to fill those needs, and each employee by providing the right incentives and Find the best job in the process of increasing the firm’s needs with the goal of completing all work environment. 

[Reference-http: / / www.oat.ethz.ch: work process design document – fall 008] 

Within the human resources application 

Case Study 1: Google HRM 



Google’s high growth rate the company’s human resources is creating new challenges.Google has built a culture where a well-chosen elite accommodates flexibility, shifting roles and above all else, urgency. As Google grows in size and strength, for it to maintain the pace of innovation and Google’s engineers and product managers expressed a sense of empowerment challenge. 

   1.2 Maintaining the organization to keep away from bureaucracy 

There losing their mobility and become more bureaucratic organization is a threat.Discusses the case of Google’s recruiting process, his efforts to woo the best talent in the industry, our unique work culture and its effort to maintain the pace of innovation.Fastest growing company in the human resources development as an inventive streak, an increasingly tight supply of the search for programming talent can compete? 

Educational Objectives: 

Case Google’s human resources policy, recruitment, work atmosphere and its efforts to manage innovation marks • 

• It’s a small Google team, innovative edge and the challenges it faces in the process to discuss efforts to maintain the feel of 

   1.3 case 

The case has been written mainly for a simple, yet thought-provoking concept raise an interesting debate – how the human resources as a source of competitive advantage can be leveraged? Illustrated through the example of Google, in this case raises several intriguing issues. In the span of a decade, Google as a technological force two exceptional, “search” and “AdWords” has emerged with innovations to its credit.Google employees – your most valuable asset to the company to accelerate the growth of this enviable attributes. Since its inception, the company continuously hired the best talent in the industry have been like to experience the creativity to work. To attract and retain bright and inspiring staff attempts, Google a challenging yet fun task of employee stock options, free food and a gym with a wide array of features ranging from climate together by their focused on motivating employees. In addition to foster innovativeness, Google 70 / 20 / 10 model is adopted, encouraging Googlers to work on a project of your choice to spend 20% of the time. These efforts paid off and Google emerged as the most sought after place two consecutive years (2008 2007) and to work for.However, a company that small groups and individual conversations with all employees focused on the same can cope with the tremendous climb to success has captured the interest of many competitors? Google’s achievements praised Google’s informal and fun-filled culture by increasing concerns about long-term sustainability has been to put together. Whether the result of Google’s success very work culture or vice-versa hyped, remains an unsolved puzzle. 

1.4 Benefits and Objectives: 

The role and essence of human resource management in various industries and their contribution to building successful organizations analyze • 

Google’s meteoric rise in a short period of time to analyze the contributing factors • 

Google’s credibility on human resources practices and debate and examine the consistency of these practices • 

[Reference: www.google.com: – 009 hours apply process] 

Two Case Study: Microsoft’s HRM 

   1.1 Summary: 

Founded in 1975, Microsoft software, services and solutions around the world leader.Employees at Microsoft are recognized as the intellectual fuel and benefits of different plans and resources, which are designed to keep them provided with. Lisa Brummell, who as head of human resources at Microsoft in 2005, joined the company’s human resource strategies will be introduced. The human resources system to conform to new and began to meet the needs of individual employees. Case of an organization to analyze the importance of innovation in human resource practices helps. Case reshaped the debate whether Microsoft’s human resource strategies satisfied, maintain and Microsoft provides the background to help motivate employees. 

  1.2 HRM objectives and benefits 

Employees the importance of a knowledge-based industry analysis • 

• how to analyze companies on the best knowledge workers in a competitive environment to attract and retain employees 

Microsoft to analyze human resource practices • 

Reshaped HR to applied behavior analysis • Lisa Brummell 

To analyze whether the new human resources strategy to satisfy and motivate employees at Microsoft helps to maintain •. 

Recruitment and selection – subs 

Employee satisfaction and loyalty 

Staff Awards 

Human Resource Management at Microsoft hits 

Recruitment and selection 

Employee Motivation 

Employee loyalty and satisfaction 

Staff Awards 

    1.3 case 

“Microsoft in the world is one of the wealthiest and most successful companies is even more important. A human resource perspective, the fact that Microsoft has a staff-driven organization, while other organizations improve their success on production technologybase., or better technology, Microsoft success is based essentially on the effectiveness of their employees., Microsoft values its employees and their staff to realize the importance. employees to focus on the future, all organizations can be expanded . Microsoft then, is worthy of study as examples of best practice in human resource management. ” 

[: Microsoft Organization www.microsoft.com: Report: 2008 – Puff Reference]


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