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The Importance Of Effective Induction Is Explained Business Essay

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UBA is a large financial service provider in Nigeria with subsidiaries in 20 sub-Sahara countries including Nigeria plus new York, with it offers services to over 7 million customers across 750 branches and today UBA is the third in the fifth largest bank in Nigeria an average breach has not less than 30 employee.

My job role as an assistant human resource manager trainee is to assist the head the head human resource manager in recruiting, assessment of staff, carry out induction of new staff, as a pay roll manager, manage employment relationships and with approval from the head manager apply disciplinary actions.

Description of the Problem

The problem I am meant to solve here involves recruitment, selection and induction of new employee.

The organizational policies serves as a guides for the first line manager in recruitment and selection of new employees and the type of induction to be carried out for the new employee and to show how important the induction process is for the new employee and it benefits to the organization as a whole and also the problem of collecting feedback as to be considered in this essay

Analysis of the Problem

The issue of the best methods of recruitment ,selection and induction cannot be over emphasized as different organizations are constantly looking for different method that best solve this problem and this is done in order make the new employee comfortable and have a sense of belonging in the organization and therefore lead growth of the organization.

Taking a special brand of UBA called the UBA prestige (where I work) as a case study being a growing arm of UBA which is meant for the elites, therefore charged with bulk cash transactions. A typical case reaches the manager that there has been much pressure on the front desk cashiers because of the large sums of deposit and withdrawal and at the same time carrying out other foreign/ local fund transaction and therefore it takes longer time in attending to the long cue of customers, this means that the standard turnaround time of 5 minute per customer cannot be met and therefore putting much pressure on the employees and making them demotivated the result of this is dissatisfied staff and customers.

This is a serious problem considering the reputation of the organization and considering the competition out there should in case the customer decides to go to other banks and also the welfare of staff has to be taken into consideration.

Resolutions of the Problem

After considering the problem as the assistant human resource manager trainee my surjection will be to create another position and recruit staff called BULK CASHIER/TELLERS to carry out this duties and in order to do this I have to consider some topic/heading that will show how this proses will be carried out.

The organisation’s policies and procedures that could guide the first line manager in recruitment, selection and induction are identified

The organizational policies that can guide in the recruitment, selection, induction process can either be the formal or informal methods depending on the size of your business

For a small sized company one can carry out these procedures by referrers while in the large organizations like United Bank of Africa the INFORMAL process is used and this processes are

Identifying that there are vacancies to be filled

Agreeing that the vacancies need to be filled

Analyse the job, Prepare job description, Prepare person specification.

Get authorization from the superior officer/personnel

Attract applicant by averting on the media e.g. Newspaper, website, TV, radio.

After collecting application ,going through them, then you SHORTLIST candidates

Prepare and carry out interviews

With the interviewee’s performance make the final selections.

Prepare and carry out INDUCTION for the new employee

A job analysis is conducted and a job description and person specification for a post within own area of responsibility

In order to answer this question I will use the Banking system and the cash department as an example, United Bank of Africa is a very big organization with huge numbers of customers, having just four cashier that attend to thousands of customer daily for cash ,cheque, and other fund transfer transactions and are expected to meet up to the maximal five minute turnaround time (TAT) per customer, it has been noticed that the work load is too much for just four cashiers, so we need to recruit and some steps must be followed.


Does a vacancy really exist – YES

What is the nature of job – Bulk cash collection and posting

What is the purpose of the post – to make job easier in order to increase customer satisfaction.

What are the performance satisfaction we are looking for – the person must have the basic arithmetic’s and computer knowledge, must be fast in typing, should be able to work under pressure.

What is the contribution of the post to the organization – employee wellness and motivation increase, better customer satisfaction, more business for the organization,

What happens when the post is not created = depreciation in employees wellness and efficiency, loss of businesses.

Will the post continue to exist – yes


JOB TITLE -Bulk cashier

REPORTING TO -Cash officer/ head cashier

FUNTION -Attending to every bulk cash transactions

DUTIES -Operate and set the counting machine, collection and posting of bulk cash, issue out deposit slips to customers, movement of cash into the vault.

WORK CONDITION -Constantly unconducive with a temperature below recommended work environments.


STANDARD OF EDUCATION – Must have at list an OND or NCE in any social science course or any relevant courses

ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE -Should have good command of English, Spoken & Written.

APPEARANCE – The person should look good and smart all the time.

SOCIAL SKILL – The person should be appreciably computer literate.

The way that you would prepare for selection interviews to ensure impartiality and optimum decision making in selecting the most suitable applicant is explained

This can be done by

Preparing questions that will be use during the interview and applying same to all candidate

Setting up a venue and making sure its conducive

Selecting or shortlisting the successful candidate by application or cv

Having a list of what to access

By not using clauses that is illegal or discriminatory in the job advert

Stating clearly the qualification, experience and qualities the candidate should possess

A recognised selection technique that could be used during interviews is explained

Introduction and opening remark

Asking direct questions to confirm facts stated in the application

Asking the interviewee an open ended question in order to know more about the interviewee and to give him/her an opportunity to express themselves

Testing candidates on the skill specified o the job

Administering personality test on the candidates to see which candidate possesses the right attribute for the job

Rounding of the interview by summarizing the position and stating what the next step is.

Verifying the candidates resume by calling the referees

The induction process

On taking up a new appointment, irrespective of whether an employee has previous service within the same organization, the new employee should be advised of the full requirements of his or her post and given any other relevant information which will enable him or her to settle in quickly and become effective. Appropriate induction should be provided for each new employee, and the progress of a probationary employee should normally be reviewed no later than halfway through the probationary period. Overall responsibility for planning an individual’s induction should lie with one person, and this will usually be their line manager, although induction of new staff members will normally include contributions from a range of people like older employees and the induction can also be done by having a general seminal and also by printing out hand books to assist the new employee.

The importance of effective induction is explained

An induction is important in the sense that in the process the employee gets to know the organizations aims objectives.

During the induction process the employees job function is described to the employee and this will make the employee more effective and not confuse

This will put the employee at ease, by familiarizing them with the other employees and their next line manager, so there is no confusion as to who they are answerable to

During the induction process the employee is also introduced to the work area and other departments.

A properly done induction can also reduce the need for supervision since all employees knows what their jobs are.

A proper induction gives the new employee a sense of belonging

It makes the new employee aware of the company rules and norms

It makes the job easier for the new employee and gives proper familiarization with the job and therefore not confused.

It keeps the new employee away from breaking the company rules unknowingly.

The phases of induction in the organisation are described

Induction is done by giving out

GENERAL INFORMATION – this is relating to the organization, including values and philosophy as well as structure and history, services, trade union.

INFORMATION ABOUT THE JOB – this is relating to the roles that the new employee will be performing e.g. work schedules, time sheet, payment, job description, use of office equipment’s etc.

HEALTH & SAFETY INFORMATION- This is related to health and safety and other essentials e.g. emergency procedures, location of first aid and how to use them and if the job requires special clothing and accessories like overall safety hard hats and boots etc.

INFORMATION ABOUT RULES – this relates to the rules if the organization, all terms and condition of the employment and also information concerning payment and salaries etc.

The legal and practical aspects of health and safety that should be included in the organisation’s induction process is are described

This is describe as those health and safety rules that should be made known to the new employee to safe guide the employees’ health and keep the organization from liabilities and some of this rules are

Emergency procedures

Making the hazard areas known to the employee

What medical facilities is available in case health issues and where to find them

Making known the actions that will be taken to discipline an employee that breaks the safety rules.

Benefit that will be given to those that has been exposed to health hazards.

One method that could be used to record an individual’s progress during induction is explained

One method that could be used to record an individual progress during induction is by evaluation. This is the process where we try to score an induction procedure; the aim of this procedure is to see how much the new employee understood the message that has been passed across, it is also used to check the effectiveness of the induction process.

How an induction process could be evaluated is explained

The induction process could be evaluated by collection of feedback from the person being inducted When it is one person or a few people being inducted we can evaluate the process by asking questions of their understanding of the induction but in the case of many people questionnaires are given to them to fill. They can also be allowed to speak about their experience.


THE MANAGER SAW THAT THE POSTION WAS IMPORTANT due to my analysis and I was given the task to implement and after this implementation my branch had more staff this time staff that are dedicated to receiving bulk cash which has cause a major setback for the branch and the recruitment of the new staffs has taken the pressure off the other operation staffs and therefore leading to increase in the motivation of staff and the customer are moving from satisfied customers to loyal customer which is the ultimate goal of any organization.

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