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Internship Report On Recruitment Process Business Essay

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Recognized a high demand of using IT devices and the development of website, technology, HPC computer ltd was established in the middle year of 2005 and is located in the center area of Ho Chi Minh City, at 187 Nguyá»…n Lâm Street ward 6 districts 10. At first, HPC was established upon passion of 4 students of Ton Duc Thang University in the field of IT industry and the company’s office was just a master room in a house. In this period, HPC mainly provided computer maintenance services, web design, and network solution and computer components for business. Because of small scale company with the charter capital of 40 million VND together with a hard competition in the market, the company had to repeatedly on the brink of bankruptcy by the oppression of larger vital companies. Due to business acumen and market research, the company had found that most of other vital companies did not focus on after- sales and customer services. So, HPC decided to go on different business strategies in which they take risks on loans from an investment organization in order to open widely, increase reputation and improve customer services. Spending 6 years of difficulties, HPC now is a medium distributor of computer products come from famous brands. Some basic information will be shown in Appendix I

Organization chart


Technology Department

Marketing and Sales Department

Accounting and Tax department

Human Resources Department

HPC computer follows the management model of centralized power in which the director takes over the operation of company from seeking customers, source of supply to financial management, human resources management…etc. the Human resources department is responsible for manage human , salary and culture in working place. Next, recording on lists of sold goods, balance sheet and tax is the tasks of accounting department. Thirdly, the marketing department has mission of market expansion and related marketing activity. The last department provides repair services. The departments operate under the control of director. By this mode of management, it allows director to capture the changes in the company and the market more quickly and accurately and it is also simple and more dynamic. Importantly, it also helps director avoid the bureaucratic procedure in trading activity.

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Competitors and HPC position in the market.

The company products have been linked closely together. For the computer components and IT device market, these products have short product life cycle, rapid product improvement and high competitive intensity. Moreover, this market is linked closely to other company’s market such as printing, software…etc. in IT technology; computer configuration will determine or influence the software and associated applications, the speed of internet access, printing speed and the sharpness of printed products. Many major competitors of HPC in this market are large organizations and they also have many qualified staffs that have a long experience in industry such as Phuong Dong computer, Phong Vu joint stock Company…etc. With a high quality of employees and strong bargaining power of supply in Michael Porter 5 forces, they have competitive advantage in the market. Besides that, free business license and trading policy has made threat of new entrances become lower. As the result of those, HPC is losing market share in IT industry.

HPC computer’s development plans

Aware of the importance of customer relationship, HPC computer determined current positions in the market. Besides offering quality products, HPC always keep commitment with customers and partners. To achieve these, HPC set up strategies in which they will concentrates on providing best services with reasonable price, assessing the sale effective on items, focusing capacity on potential projects, conducting marketing activity to improve customers’ relationship and boosting the consumption of Laptop.


2.1 SWOT analysis for HPC’s human resources.

For a general view of human resources in the company, student use the SWOT analysis method to point out the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in order to offer a general picture of human resources in HPC .


– The unity of the leadership and staff.

-Employees are hardworking and diligent

-Assistance and motivation of the leaders from the commune, district and provincial departments in the province.


-Lack of professional behavior

-Unstable Human resources.

-employees are not trained enough to deal with fluctuation of computer market.


-Outstanding IT and business students graduated annually.


-Low competitive advantages by losing good employees to rival companies.

2.2 The Situation of Recruitment Process in the company

2.2.1 Recruitment plan

Every year, on the basis of production and business tasks, the departments need to plan recruitment needs together with the business plan under the direction and guidance of the company. This time, HR department carries out “Human resources planning form” (appendix A). When business plans set out by the company as well as the development direction, the departments will hold a meeting to discuss and consider whether they need to recruit new employees or just dispatch personnel. In case lacking of employees, HPC’s departments will fill in the form called “Recruitment request form” (Appendix B) and they send the forms to HR department. After that, this department is going to consider the need of direct labor or indirect personnel of each department to organize and plan to recruit staffs. From here, the HR department is responsible for checking the content of the form and giving additional comments if necessary before submitting to director. Upon presentation on employee demand in accordance with current business situation, the “Job description form (Appendix C)”; a shortlist that describes detailed information about the job and requirement for candidates as follow; will be conducted to prepare for formal recruitment period if everything is approved by the director. Next, the approved documents will be returned to HR department. At this point, the HR department is responsible for finding candidates from internal and external human resources. Internal Human Resources.

Internal recruitment is priority and it is shortened and not carried out in the same order as the basic recruitment process. Recruiter set up internal recruitment information and posts it on the information panel of the company within one week. Members of the company who meet the standards, requirements and accept the salary and benefits of the position may him/herself apply to posted positions. Afterwards, HR will collect the application forms and conduct a selection. In case a staff is chosen for vacancy, he/she needs to sign in the “letter of job offering” and send to HR for approval from director. This case aims to create development opportunities for current employees in any department. External Human resources

If the firm cannot find suitable candidates within the company, the HR department will seek candidates from external resources. Typically, the firm usually inform recruitment information (Appendix D) on a number of mass media such as: Newspapers (Vnexpress Newspaper, Echip newspaper, IT New Hanoi), through radio, television or the employee service center. The content of the message is written summarily of the qualification, conditions for candidates, stating the number of candidates, limited time for receiving the resume or complete profile, location, timetable of interview…etc. The message will be carried out with a certain number of days depending on the specific requirements of the job. The company conducts the recruitment notice for the lowest possible cost while ensuring the company’s recruitment needs. Next, candidates are required to fill in the “Candidate’s information form (Appendix E) after submitting their resumes and related certificate/degree at security office and those files would be brought to HR departments for selections in the end of the day. If the applicants do not satisfy the recruiter, they will be returned to candidates or retained for other positions in advance.

2.2.2 Acquisition and research candidate’s profile

After a sufficient number of records needed, HR department makes research, classification and select records. Based on pre-established criteria in recruitment plan, HR department is going to assess for each profile. The assessment will be based on some criteria that include: “process of working, certificate, qualifications, experience, and physical and in which the criterion of experience is very important, if the application does not provide evidence of experience in related field, it would be refuse immediately. Thanks to the closely preliminary selection, HPC often choose the best quality records. Besides that, the firm still keeps the previous profiles that did not employed for the past vacancy and they are also assessed again for interview list if they are matched for current vacancy.

2.3 Interview organization

2.3.1 Preliminary interview

After the head of human resource department sets up the interview list, HPC establishes an interview council whom include head of HR department, chief proposed to increase personnel and may include the director in case of recruiting senior employee. So, the council consists of people who have many years of experience that is the most realistic with the work required to increase staffs so there will be an overview and most accurate for the candidates. Afterwards, they base on the job requirements of the position; based on the results of the study records, on the note of each candidate to prepare the interview questions (Appendix II) for the candidate or for specific members.


In order to have an effective interview process, the interview chairman will inform the candidates about the company’s recruitment process for a metal preparation. With prepared questions, the chairman processes to ask questions for candidates to answer. To reveal candidates’ full potential, personality, cognition and desire, the questions is often open-ended question so that candidates can articulate their own views and opinions. Normally, the questions for candidate are stated on the following aspects: previous job satisfaction, the work that is already done, job motivation, future targets, satisfying job factors, personality life, hobby, personal development, strength…etc. As the chairman carries out the questions, other council members can give additional questions to find out more information and consolidate data. Through this activity, the council can evaluate general factors such as circumstance, character, life style, dynamic and sharp, the striving in the course of work and the capacity to work under high pressure conditions. Immediately after the interview, there is a meeting to get the general evaluation of each council member to select the suitable candidates for next round of interview. HR will notify the applicant to let them know the result. For passed applicants, HR will announce the date and time for second round. During this stage, if insufficient numbers of candidates are selected in the second round as the job requirements and the recruitment plan, the council chooses other records to take place as planned.

Through this step, the employer reduce time, cost considerably for refusing again the incompetent candidates who are lack of experience , qualifications to be able to step forward second interview quickly and save.

2.3.2 Second interview (deep focus on academy)

In this round, the council will base on the result of first interview to prepare academic questions for each candidate. Besides that, there are also some prepared response plans for some situation questions that could be asked by candidates in order to avoid passive situation. By understanding the importance of this step, the council has been very careful, interested in the interview preparation so that it can take place comfortably and effectively. Besides, this also helps the interview avoid a tense atmosphere when the council doesn’t satisfy any wondering of candidates.


As time announced, the board will ask the applicants several questions (Appendix II.2) that relate to intensive work, specific business situation to see the way candidates handle them by showing their knowledge, ability of sharp and experience. By this way, the council can check candidates’ capacity accurately for right choices. Thanks to carry out situation questions, the council could assess objectively on the matter of professional skills, specialization knowledge and actual capacity of each applicant. So, this is the most important and convincing records for council to hire needed staffs. During this round, the candidates can mention their own questions to have a clear understanding about organization and operation of HPC as well as the functions, tasks, benefits if they are employed in the company. After the interview ended, the council will also have a meeting for general comments and agreement for a final result of this work. Next, if the number of retained candidates is not enough for the vacancies, employers shall immediately receive more records and repeat the recruitment process for new candidates.

2.4 Investigation And Curriculum Vitae Verification

Essence of this work is a third interview with conditions applied. After the result of second round, employer will consider deciding the candidates whether can take the job or they need to verify further to get hired. At this time, the head of HR department is responsible for implementing a meeting with candidates’ relative, family to seek out his/her discipline, behavior, and reputation in family. The firm has realized that family is an important factor in forming personality and life style of each person so that HR can understand candidates’ behavior through this activity. Complete this stage, the company has enough information to select employee and recruitment process of HPC is finished.

2.4.1 probationary period

HPC Company views probationary work for trainee as an important issue because this is a first step to create premise of job development in advance. Before going on this step, trainee must fill in Receiving Record form (appendix F). During this work; new employees have opportunities to be equipped enough professional knowledge, tasks that need to be done and they can reach big expectations as well as the difficulties via training process, To make new employees familiar with the actual work, companies sends employees to work in teams in which new recruits will be accompanied by one other person with long experience in the work to guide. During the guidance of experienced staffs, recruits are also assigned to specific work in order to adapt quickly in practice and reduce mistakes. After finishing the training and tests (after 3 months), new employees cannot receive official positions if the overall mark in the agreement and assessment of Probation form (appendix G) is not good. This form is designed based on 4 core values that are customer dedication, professional, corporation and responsibility. All of these will help recruits more confident to carry out their work. When the training is finish, HR department propose to hire or not officially. If the recruits are not hired, HR will notify them via phone or direct meeting and point out their limited capacity in dealing with the tests and resolve the probationary salary. In contrast of this, HR will establish an invitation letter of receiving job and salary agreement for new staffs. Through the process of good training plan, practical work and scientific requirements; new employees quickly become familiar with the work, good integration with the working environment of the company and get tasks which are matched their ability.

2.5 Needed skills to operationalize the process

The major challenge for businesses today is not just a matter of competitive commodity markets, but also a competition of intelligence, competitive labor market. Accordingly, the core issue is the understanding of the nature of human psychology. The concern, care and encouragement for employees; construction of enterprise culture … is to not only create added value, satisfying the needs and maximize the potential of employees, and the final interest is in the development and sustainability of the business but also The strategic direction for the development of human resources, conflict resolution strategies and to prevents stress in occupation.

Part 3 Learning log and reflective analysis

I start working from 8:30 AM and finish at 1:00 PM. It is nearly 5 hours a day




Reflective on experience

Week 1 and week 2 (from 06 June to 15 June)

-I Had a meeting with director to give letter of offer from Segi university and acquainted with staffs in HPC.

– I learned an overview background of the company, policy and the culture in working place.

– I learn the current business situation, understanding products and available services in company.

-I sent email including my resume and letter of offer from Segi university.

– After I got agreement from director, we made a meeting on 06 june.

– greet and get to know the staff in the company

– learn to use office devices and some basic documents.

– making coffee and scanning , copying documents was my jobs in this week

-Prepared Communication skill in schools is very helpful for me to get sympathy from director.

– I did not receive any guidance from staffs until I take them out for dinner.

Experience: – a good preparation is never waste.

-A staff needs to understand the working culture in specific place to adapt comfortably.

– need to refuse unexpected job carefully.

Week 3 (16 June to 23, June)

-choosing subject to do the internship based on the learning of last 3 weeks.

– learn the work of each departments

-lean through the leaders. Beside this, I also learn related outsources on the internet, internal newspapers to understand clearly about this routine activity.

– Discuss with staffs of each department in the office.

-write report about background of company.

– understanding basic knowledge about creating culture and policy for staffs.

-improve planning skills

Week 4, week 5 week 6

Week 7

(From 23 June to 21 July)

-learn the routine job of human resources departments.

Via a guidance of a staff in HR, I did get:

– learn vehicle’s profile management process of inspection records, vehicle registration, insurance, policy.

– monitoring the testing time on rental car registration, insurance notice.

-basic introduction of purchase management of office devices and stationary.

– went to post office to pay cost of electricity, water, rent and workshops…

-prepare documentary for approval admission.

-Basic introduction of software of salary management

– Basic Introduction to timekeeping.

-Study some form of administration of the company.

– Basic introduction of training process.

– Basic introduction of recruitment process

– Basic introduction of statistic of HR needs.

– Finish report about background of company


-at any job, especially in management, a staff needs to hold professional knowledge in their job.

-time management is a very important factor that affect directly to the effective of company’s operation. If a work is slowing down, it would influence on invisible value such as people’s effort, reputation… or visible value like cost. As a result of it, it will cause loss to the company.

– Self -study about procedures related to government administrative such as business license, law of branch establishment, representative office…etc.

– There are some documents, form that are only internal circulation and those are forbidden to internship students. ( exp: salary systems from, capturing picture at software management is prohibited…etc.).

– document preparation is also an important skill when the job is related to variety of papers

– to have a good performance in HR , staffs are required to develop themselves not only in the field of human management but also in many aspects of life so that they can have enough skills to solve problem such as conflict, decision…etc. And be sensitive in the detection/develop talent.

– Beside necessary skills, psychology plays an important role in dealing with people.

Week 8+9+10

(from 21 July to 11 august )

-Decided to make report about recruitment process of HPC under the guidance of HR staffs.

– take a deep learn on recruitment process of HPC

– prepare the relevant papers

– take part in the process of drafting interview questions round 1 and 2

– posting recruitment information on internet and chosen human resources channel.

-join the interview as an audience

– take part in the meeting on round 3 (family meeting)

– writing report.

During the recruitment period, I noticed some issues:

-job letter offer is a letter written by candidates beside their resume and most of them are prepared carefully at every single word. HR considers this letter is one of factor to choose candidate. But in my opinion, this is a bad case because the candidates can utilize to make this letter perfectly to hide their real ability and personality. It’s not real. Beside personal life, veracity is also very important in working place to avoid fraud.

– Company should ask candidate to check their health before submitting their documents because it would lead to big loss if employee wants to quit the job due to health. Then, company need to do a recruitment process again.

-Alternatively, company can save time and money by implying supplementary quiz tests in the field of personality, skills, hobby…etc. to support interview questions.

-company should prepare an assessment form in which the interview council will depend on candidate performance to mark on it. This method is likely more accurately and quickly.

– company should limit recruitment sources come from introduction of existing staffs because it would cause disagreeing situation with current staffs in case of refusing their friends. They also utilize the relationship to cause risks in the company.

– HPC can save time and recruitment cost by attracting internship students because during 3-6months of internship, the company has enough long time to know clearly students ‘capacity. So, HPC can recruit them immediately if needed.

– In the inspection records recruitment, company should be more closely examined the validity of the certification papers

– the company should have its own recruitment program on the network in order to attract more labor force, less expensive costs and it has an opportunity to promote the brand.

Week 11+12

(from 11 august to 25 August)

-Visiting marketing departments

– cleaning activity

– Director’s assessment on employer evaluation feedback.

– 24h Customer services.

– farewell party

– cleaning

-finish report

– “customer is always right” is not correct in some other organization. But in HPC, this is a lodestar for other marketing activities in advance because spiritual value is always worthy than material value.

– improve event organization skills

– enhance self-discipline from small matters to achieve large awards.


Recruitment is one of the human resource management activities contribute significantly to the development of human resources in terms of quantity and quality. With society growing constantly with machinery, equipment and modern technology, there is a need of good human resources, sufficient to control and absorb modern technology. Thus recruitment requires continuous improvement and improves. Beside, HPC Company should follow the model of advanced human resource development in the world, industrialized countries such as Japan, France and Germany combined construction and associated training of human resources with the recruitment of manpower


C:UsersadminDownloadsDSCN3168 (1).JPG

Company name: Huy Phuong computer company Limited (HPC)

Address: 187 Nguyen Lam ward 6 district 10 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Contact number: 2748911 – 0918385830

Charter capital: 500 million VND (500.000.000 VND)

Email: anhlac2003@yahoo.com

Website: www.huyphuongcomputer.com

Field of business:

+provide office devices, photocopy machines, printing devices, computer components, laptop.

+provide ink for copying and fax activity, and related components.

+ provide electric repair services, computer maintenance with experienced IT staffs.

+ provide licensed software

+ web design and e-commerce services.

Some projects implemented in 2012

+ Installation of computer network system for tax agency in district 9, Ho Chi Minh City

+ Replacement, repair and maintenance of computers for saving fire center PCCC , Vietnam

+ set up network system and provide office equipment’s for LY Quy Don high school.

+ providing network consulting solutions for Khai Nhi construction company.

+ providing computer rental services in SAM SUNG GALAXY S3 Olympic event.

+ Retail activity of laptop & computer components.

I.1 Labor structure of the Company









Accounting department






Marketing and sale department






Technology department






HR department






In total






(Source: HR department of HPC)

I.2 Results of operations and business over the years

Unit count: VND






1.Net revenue





2.Cots of goods





3.Cots of controlling business





4.Net profit from business activity (4=1-2-3-4)





5.Other profit





6.Other loss


7.Total accounting 8.profit










10. Profit after tax




Sources (HPC’s HR department)

Appendix II Interview questions round 1

please introduce yourself

What are your 5 goods hobbies?

What are your 3 bad hobbies?

What is your dream?

What is you’re the most importance in your life?

What is your favorite pet?

What is your idol?

Tell me about your country

What is your hobby?

What do you know about HPC Company?

Who did you meet in this company and what did they say to you?

What is your disappointment?

Family members who influenced you the most?

What company that you have been worked?

Why do you quit your job?

What do you think about your colleagues

How your colleagues comment about you?

What do you think about your ex-boss?

What is your achievement at your ex-working place?

Why do you want to work here?

Do you like discipline?

What is your expected salary?

Are you ready to work far from home?

What is your difficulties in your work

What do you want to have a boss like?

Do you have leadership skill

Do you have any question for me?

What is your long term and short term planning?

What do you think if you are fail in this interview

Are you ready for working over time

How long do you need to adapt your work?

II.2. Some Interview question round 2

1. Can you explain why you do not go to work for a long time?

2. How many languages can you speak?

3. I recently interviewed a few people have more experience than you. Why I should I choose you

4. Why is there an empty distance in your previous job?

5. How you will do when you are having a very urgent need to contact with the boss, but you cannot communicate with the boss, meet the boss, and the boss is busy and refused to meet????

6. Suppose say you are still in school, teachers can assign you a topic to the group but your team just only want to pass it while you need a high mark on it. What would you do in this case?

7. The company has sent a staff member to assist the partner, but after a short time, this partner complained about the quality of work of the employee and demanded to change others. What would you do in this case? Will you give the employee the opportunity to do it again?????

8. You have a customer who does not want to hear any an introduction of specific products / services of the company because she did not have a good understanding of the company. What should you do?

9 Previously, Hung is a good student, study well. But from the date that his mother goes abroad, Hung’s family become better than before, but Hung is giddy, what would you do?

Appendix III Recruitment process chart

C:UsersadminDesktopfinishrecruitment process.png


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